Outfit of the Day: Simple and Shiek

outfitThe friday before finals weeks and the day after college night at the bar (hehe), leaves me tired yet still fashionable.  Lots of black and brown despite the warm weather.  Stretchy black ponte pants and stretchy blazer with a loose fitting black top gives me this relaxed look, and topped with a messy bun and statement jewelry, you can still get a second glance, or three.  Happy Friday Fashionistas and Fly guys.

Black and brown stripped blazer (love culture, $23.66)

Black ponte pants (love culture, $17.90)

Brown boots (amiclubwear.com, $15.00)


Deal of the day: His and Hers

dealsdealsofIts getting closer to Christmas and I am in a giving mood to have all my fashionistas and fly guys looking right together.  Ladies try the wedge sneaker from Hautelook.com or look in your local stores for them in an assortment of colors this holiday season.  Hint for them to be underneath your tree from that special someone and show them where they can snag them.  Guys, I love you in a business suit, but hanging out with a fitted or snap back, I must admit gets a smile on my face every time.  Use this promo code, DECEMBER20, until december 4th, to receive 20% off your order, on hats and other goods at Lids.com. Remind your special lady that snap backs are the easiest to shop for because you don’t need to remember sizes as you do with fitted caps.   A little something for everyone, with some of the best deals, on your dime with Elle Woods.  Happy Shopping!!

Outfit of the Day: Warm Winter Days Brings Minis and Stockings

We have had abnormally warm days here in Colorado, so I brought out my skirt and half shirt.  Now I know what you must be thinking, “where is she going in that”, but let me explain, I am more covered than you think.  My skirt is a high-waisted flare skirt and I added a black belt to close that gap of skin showing between the skirt and shirt.  Then I added stockings with tiny oval prints to keep with the unque design of the skirt.  And to complete the outfit I added a black blazer and boots.  Summer feel in the winter time.

Yellow half shirt (forever21, $5)

Floral blossom skater skirt (charlotterusse, orig. $14.99, paid $7.50)

*Entire outfit posted later*

Get E.L.F. (eyes, lips, face) This Holiday Season

Affordable, comparable to top brands, liquid, mineral, studio and did I mention affordable.  I fell in love with this line after finding it on the walls in Food4less all for only $1.  Of course my bargain senses went off and I had to investigate this.  I was a diva on a budget. Seven years later and it is still my go to choice of make up.  Now away at college, I go online to eyeslipface.com and search the wide variety of choices for any occasion. For my everyday look there’s the tinted moisturizer that gives slight coverage while protecting and moisturizering the face. Theres also a mineral line that’s comparable to other mineral make up at half the cost ($20 for foundation, concealer, blush, and brush).  For my night-time look there is a studio line with items such as the volumnizing mascara ($3) and the 100 eye shadow palette ($10).    E.L.F. offers lines for everyone, from teens to make up artist and budgets from $1 to $10 per item.  They are comparable to drugstore price and top shelf name brand quality and now with the holiday seasons they are offering their products with even more discounts (check out their site for their latest discounts).  Also try Hautelook.com who features their line every now and then for even less than their website. Use the $1 essentials line to stuff the stockings with lip gloss and nail polish or place something under the tree with gift sets from $3 to $20. Happy Holidays!!!

Deal of the Day: 91% off

  A $500 Invicta Men’s watch for only $45, need I say more?  The holidays are around the corner so there’s no question this is the deal of the day.  Found on one of my top five favorite sites to shop Groupons.com, there’s a selection of nine watches to choose from for every occasion.  Free shipping and free exchanges make this an even sweeter deal.  I’ve bought many gifts for others as well for myself to a number of different addresses and vouch for this website 110%.  Be sure to check their website for new deals daily, not only for goods but for vacationing, dining and much more.  Guys, this deal is for you all on your dime with Elle Woods.  Happy Shopping!!!

Caught Being Fab!!

Undeniable in style, swag and beauty, Rihanna, you are caught being fab not only for your first #1 u.s. album but for your unique ability to stand out and be you.  With all the pressures to fit in Rihanna has proven that pariahs are the hottest new #1 things out. I’m unapologetic for never giving up and having this blog to show for all my hard work. Fashion world what are you unapologetic for?

Outfit of the Day: Touch of Spring in the Fall

Bring warm weather with this paint splotched-patterned blazer that looks likes floral prints from a distance. Paired with dark colored pants and light colored statement accessories, I’m brining out the different hues.  This blazer would also work with destroyed jeans and gray boots which was the plan, which is why you should pull out your shoes the night before if your a shoe hoarder like me, sigh.

Patterned blazer (charlotterusse.com, orig. $34.99, paid $14.99)

Colored Jeans (wetseal.com, orig. $30, paid $15)

Statement Necklace (charlotterusse, 2 for $10)

Wrong boots of the day (shoedazzle.com, orig. $39.95, paid $24.95)

“Sometimes we w…

“Sometimes we wish for the better
When we have it good as it gets
Sometimes the grass isn’t greener
As soon as we find out, we forget
Sometimes I do stupid things to you
When I really don’t mean it at all”

(Babyface-Sorry for the stupid things)

Sometimes we forget to find simplicity out of everything that we want and need.