Ive been thinking a lot about my wardrobe and realized color consumes a lot of my time when deciding on an outfit.  I think there are three important colors we have to consider when prepping for the day. There’s your favorite color, your favorite clothing color and your best clothing color.  You might wonder why or how this is but let me explain.
I have a favorite color, purple, that doesn’t necessarily look good in much of the clothing I wear, its more of the color that threw up in my room.  From lavender to that deep royal purple you encounter it in my bed spread, curtains and small room knick knacks, but as a clothing item, I keep it to the minimum.  Just think of that girl you see who loves pink and has it all over her room as well as all over her.  You know the one that looks like shes stuck in a fairy tale movie she saw when she was six.  Yeah, I have to admit that’s a fashion fail.
Now for my favorite clothing color, green.  I have jeans, blazers, multiple accessories and tops that are all different shades of green.  You’d be surprised how well a woman will work that color and make all her outfits look completely different when the majority of her clothing consist of one color.  But do not confuse the two, a favorite color is not the same as the favorite clothing color.  A favorite clothing color occurs when the fashionista realizes that when given an option of, lets say a blazer, in different colors they constantly find themselves picking that particular color.
Finally is your best clothing color.  Now this one is important because this is the one that gets you that second glance from others.  Your best clothing color is that piece you put on and immediately lights up your skin and gives you that natural glow.  Your best clothing color is going to fit you no matter what because it is that color that works best with your skin tone.  My best clothing color is a mustard yellow.  With my caramel complexion, when I throw on a mustard yellow flowing dress or just a neutral top with a mustard yellow blazer all my features light up.  Its almost as if the stars have aligned and I got the best nights sleep that required little makeup that morning.  Think of that blouse or dress, or accessory that you wear every now and then that you get endless compliments on or when your speaking to someone and they have this curious stare, trying to figure out what you changed….That’s your best clothing color.

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