Proper Slurging After That Bad Break Up, While Putting Money Back Into Your Pocketbook

According to a few magazines that Ive read over, break up season is in our mist.  Ladies if you are a college student as I am, you know that these up coming holiday breaks are critical points for couples from different towns.  Sometimes we make the mistake of being a little too clingy over text and calls in fear of him having too much free time.  Sometimes even in other situations of dating maybe you two do live in the same town but he going to some destination vacation for a couple weeks, you ultimately fear the worse, tiny women in even tinier binkini’s.  Either way we cant escape the inevitable that some things just wont work out.  When that happens I realized we go through a trend….We spend money…Too much sometimes. We get that deluxe spa deal or we cut or color our hair, add extentions, we update our wardrobe, all these things that drain our pockets, while he’s happy on a beach with an umbrella drink or snowboarding in the mountains.  My point is that we need to start doing things during this critical period of time for ourselves and believe it or not we can actually make money doing it.  Here are a couple things I think you should try out not just for a bad break up (I hope you experience very very very few), but for bad days in general:

1. Don’t Spend, Sell: Break up season is during the fall and winter season but its never too late to do some spring cleaning.  Go through your bags, shoes, dresses, and everything else and put aside things that you havent worn in a while or think is time to give up.  Look up second hand shops that give money for clothes in good condition.  When its time to let go, sell that dress that reminds you of your first date with him. Use a small portion of that money and buy yourself a cute cocktail dress, its time to start new first dates.  Profit: $20-$100+ (depending on how much you get rid of and the quality).

2. Dont go to the Spa, play around with colors at home: We love how perfect the ladies at the spa can have our hands and feet looking after being there all day, but it can cost quite a bit of money.  When I go home to California and work my summer job, I was spending $60 on my spa days just for my toes and hands because of the extra money I was making. (I know ridiculous!!!!) After a break up theres like this lethargic switch that turns on in our brain and we don’t feel like doing anything, but at the beginning is when you need to do the most.  Take that first weekend and plan to take a long hot bath, take out all the mani and pedi tools you have and get to work.  Then take out all the nail polish and have fun pairing colors, now isnt the time to be safe with just red on your hands and feet.  Now is the time to mix it up. And best of all it cost nothing.

3. Dont go through the drastic cut or color, stay you with a little twist:  Okay let me explain, for a lot of girls, myself included, what we do is compare ourselves to the girl were dumped for. BAD IDEA!!! You will never be her and thats the best thing to ever happen to you, because you are perfect.  Think about it there was someting about you, just how you are now that attracted him to you and it will be that same something about you that will attract someone even better to you the next time.  Damaging or losing all your hair by coloring it or chopping it off isnt going to make you this grand new person.  But a fun alternative to try is a slight switch up.  For myself, when I just want to have a fresh style that cost nothing, I straighten my hair.  I usually wear my hair in natural styles that are curly and full so blow drying and flat ironing it every few months is a fun kick for me and… guessed it, costs nothing.

4. Be in your own fashion show: It is possible. If you have ever watched Sex in the City then you know exactly what I am talking about.  Carrie had her routine shopping habits, but when she would find that amazing pair of shoes that were the seasons hottest by the top designer for that month, you saw her in those pair of shoes with every thing.  It didnt matter if they matched or not she wore them and she got over what ever funk she had been going through.  Now on television of course a woman’s problem can be solved with a pair of shoes, but what I’m saying is that after these first three steps I personally feel the need to top everything off with a great outfit….every day that week.  There’s no worse feeling than having your heart broken but having your heart broken and looking like it, is even worse.  After I’ve made a few bucks from my closet and given myself an at home mini make over, I pull out some of my statement pieces for the season, whether its jewelry, sweaters, shoes, or purses, I’m showstopping.  We, yes all of us ladies, tend to lose our fabulous when we go through the break up because there was a lot of energy spent trying to keep it from happening.  Hearing “you look great”, rather than “are you okay, you havent been looking to well”, from others will make the transition easier.

Now I am no expert at getting over a break up but I do know as a fashionista, nothing should keep us from looking amazing.  So remember, before you go out and spend, think of these tips, be fabulous no matter what the situation.


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