The Skin Im In: Owning the Best Trait You Have

Growing up I have read a lot of books, and I remember one of my favorites that my mother gave to me was “Are You There God, Its Me Margaret.” The story was about an adolescent Margaret going through puberty and her and her close friends struggling with one summer full of crushes, awkward body changes and the dreaded period.  It doesn’t matter how many generations down the line from here until the year 3000, every girl can relate to that book.  I can remember my awkward days, being the tiny bean pole, taller than half the class and no type of indication of the female anatomy besides the name Elizabeth.  I remember being one of the under developed girls for…well, I think I’m still waiting for some body parts to show up after these 22 years now (ha ha).  For most of my life I was in the shadows in over sized clothing, teased and taunted for my glasses, big nose, skinny and tall body. Out of everything I give you, I hope that your remember that the best thing you own is within you.  When I strip out of everything I have I’m left with me, and I have my trials still, which are to be expected. I give myself a positive mantra to remind myself that everything I have on is just a small flattery to me overall.  Make up your own positive mantra like mine:

Take off your heels, but still consider yourself as high as you were.

Strip off all those amazing clothes, you’re wearing your best suit anyways.

Scrub off today’s make up, I couldn’t wait to see that gorgeous face.

Everything you have is in your closet is nice but you are fabulous.

I also tried things that were completely different of what I was used to doing with my style, you can also try some of these:

-Take a risk and wear something that you normally wouldn’t, like a bold pattern

-In one week, each day take one make up piece from your routine until you are bare by the end of the week and go the next with no make up.

-Tie your hair up completely from your face.

-If your always in heels, wear flats

-If you never wear jeans, wear jeans

Whatever you do, make sure it is the complete opposite of your normal routine, it will be something fresh and exciting. It will take you out of your comfort zone, in slow gradual steps, and don’t forget your positive mantra at the end of every night.

I was my own worse critic, as are you. You can buy the entire store but you still have to go home being the same person.  Love yourself first. Style is natural. Fashion will come later.


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