Theres A Method to My Madness: Why Shopaholics Have More for Less

You ever wonder why us shopaholics shop all the time and how we seem to get more for every dollar we spend?? Weeellll, we get a lot of help from our favorite stores.

First, the main benefit to shopping on-line is being put on the mailers list to receive all the coupons whenever the different seasons premiere. Just going into the stores and having the cashiers ask you for your email will give you very minimum exclusives. When the fall season rolls around all the stores receive large shipments of new items in assortments of colors and patterns.  The fall season is about layering and more clothing items meaning more to sale and more chances to save.  So usually around that time I can expect my mailbox to become pretty full with coupons that are constant and changing in value every couple of weeks or every month from places such as Victoria’s Secret, Express, Delias, Bath and Body Works, Wetseal and many others.  To keep receiving the coupons in the mail I suggest making at least two to three purchases online and these purchases can be reserved for the big sale times such as around new years or the beginning of fall when your totals will be larger but with greater savings.

Second, the more you shop the more exclusive discounts you receive. This is a no brain-er, you build points, rewards, or gain free stuff with the more you spend. BUT what you will realize very quickly is that the rewards only stack up when you spend. You wouldn’t believe how quickly stores roll out the red carpet for you when you spend big bucks. And a shopaholic knows when to splurge and when to save. You don’t go into Bath and Body Works or Victoria’s Secret with a $10 dollar off when you spend $30 coupon before a semi-annual sale and spend $60 dollars, you go get there 5 for $30 or buy 3 get 2 free and use their coupon to receive better coupons to splurge for the big sales coming later.

Third, shopaholics tend to have everything you want because they get the pre-sales  sneakpeeks. Perfect example, right now everyone is preparing for the Black Friday and cyber Monday sales. The shopaholic however is sitting at her computer receiving sneak peek emails and day before deals with double point advantages and an extra 20% off members only sale. She is clicking purchase and sitting back waiting for her shipment. The cardigan that’s $10 on Black Friday, she got for $5. The pumps that are sold out in your size marked down to $6.50, they are shipping to her house (sorry that would be me).

Finally, we’re not afraid to splurge.  Rather its make-up, lotion, hair products or panties, if it’s the end of the season mark down, were grabbing in bulk.  It happens every time, I’m out with my girlfriends, we go into charlotterusse for example and they have clearance jewelry for $2. My girlfriends are the safe shoppers and buy one or two pieces….I’m coming out with bags full.  When there’s a deal that sounds too good to be true, then it’s not going to last long and the stock is low, grab it now or say goodbye. I’m not saying to be reckless with your money but ten items for $20 is a lot better than one item for $20. That’s how bargain shoppers operate.

With technology now a days, I receive emails and text messages to my phone reminding me of the constant deals to the stores I frequent. Asking  a shopaholic when the sales are, is like tracking big foot…your always one step behind them.

Now some of you might think that the shopaholic is a little erratic in her ways. Spending more to get more, building points, clipping coupons and waiting for major sales. But, if you never understand anything about a shopaholic, know that she knows where to get it, for the best price and she will even have a discount members card for it. Don’t be a day late and a dollar short this holiday season,  go to your favorite stores and sign up or their mailing list on-line.

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