Printed Out: Proper Amount of Animal Print

The craze for animal print isn’t going anywhere.  Moms rocked their printed headbands with their side pony tails and now were wearing our tight spandex leopard print dresses.  The leopard has trademarked its fur to be made in every thing from a rug to hoop earrings it seems. There is nowhere to hide from it and if you can’t beat it then…join them.  But we’ve seen from leopard crazed fans like Snooki and the cast of Jerseylicious that too much animal print can be down right tacky….So, how much is enough?  Do we need the dress with the matching earrings, and the shoes and the headband as Snooki and other Jersey guidettes have painfully displayed in fashion don’ts. NO!! Put down the matching leggings now!!! I have just a couple of outfits I think will make a statement with just ONE, count it ONE piece of animal print.

-A pair of leopard prints booties (charlotte russe $10.00), with a simple black dress (forever21 $7.80), and blazer (forever21 $24.80)

-A pair of gray leopard jeans (babyphat $5), with lace detailed black top (forever21 $19.80) and gray and black flats (wetseal $4.75)

-A leopard blazer (charlotterusse $15), with red colored jeans (wetseal, $15), a black top with side lace detail (wetseal, $3), and black boots (delias $19.99)

For more of a statement piece try the outfit with the leopard blazer.  These outfits point out that you don’t need tons of animal print to match. Trust me fashionistas, others will see your bold style and complement your tasteful use of these printed booties, jeans or blazer.  You can also spice up an everyday outfit with bold printed jewelry and accessories.  Just remember, in the words of my seventh grade teacher “More is not better, it’s just more.”


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