Proper Stocking Etiquette

Fall is here!! I hope all my fashionistas are as excited as I am to pull out your pea coats, boots, scarves, Berets, sweaters, dark-washed colored jeans, blazers and stockings. Yes stockings. For those not quite as nippy days, where in the sun its nice and warm and you avoid the shade because its freezing.  There are rules however to wearing stockings and I feel that it is my duty to fashionistas to explain these key points to remember:

-Stockings are not leggings: You must wear something that completely covers your butt.

-Don’t be a character: You ever realize that whenever you see girls in those stockings with a design is only on Halloween or some occasion when their dressed up like a pin-up girl. Come on now, you have a better imagination than that.

-Ditch the fish net: Now that Halloween is over there are tons of cute stockings with different designs on them that you can incorporate into your everyday life, fish net is so Rocky Horror Picture Show

-Try layering: Not quite comfortable pulling off the stockings with a dress? Then pull out those destroyed jeans and try layering the stockings with roses or cobweb designs underneath.  The best part, the more destroyed the jeans, the more you see the designs and you create you own look.

-Again, stockings are not leggings!!!!!: I can’t stress this enough. This is a major fashion don’t that could and should be avoided. Leggings can be found on hangers in the clothing section in most stores while stockings are packaged on shelves in the accessories.

I cringe at the thought when I have walked behind girls in tiny sweaters with cute stocking and if they coughed all their business would be out. I slap my forehead thinking about how many butts have been seen because girls have worn solid stockings as leggings only to bend over or leave the dark house and realize otherwise. D’OH! If ever in doubt, ask someone, friends, sister, boyfriend, mom, anybody, please!  I think the safest way to wear both solid and design stockings is by showing less of them.  For this fall season try a nice flowing dress in a solid or print that stops at the knee and boots that stop at the calf.  This is an elegant, classy way to show a slight glimpse of the stocking (and a little skin).


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