Deals of the Day!!!

Just because black Friday and cyber Monday are over doesn’t mean the deals have stopped, what if I told you, now you can find better deals on those pair of shoes or that scarf is now cheaper.  I held off on buying two necklaces from one of my favorite stores and now they are two for what one would have cost, even with all the percentages off on cyber Monday.  Don’t let these stores fool you, they make the deals sound good, but I’m here to tell you that now and right after Christmas is the time to buy. Here below are a couple deals of the day: cyber Monday sell, extra 40% off your full order and free shipping. This is where I would stock up on the printed leggings, they have the most competitive prices. of the best printed stockings for $5 all here at their $5 and up store. They also have scarves for $7.50, good price for in season items. My favorite go to make-up site.  The entire site, I mean everything, is 50% off, and with a whole essentials line for $1 you can easily stock up on brushes, nail polish, lip stick and more.

I’m showing you the deals, fitting your style, all on your dime with Elle Woods. Happy shopping!!!


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