Shopping With Elle: Saving and Splurging

Okay so I wasn’t supposed to do anymore shopping until after the New Year….yea right!!! I give myself these limitations knowing it’s not going to happy, but it’s still a nice thought.  So what did I get this time around and where did I go? This time was online at Wetseal, Forever21 and Charlotterusse and in store at Bath and Body Works because I had a coupon that expired the day before christmas.  Sooo, what did I get…The sales that were going on I should have gotten waaay more BUT better sales are coming since we are now the day after Christmas.  So Wetseal had an additional 60% off of clearance making my most expensive item $6.89…Yea amazing right (patting myself on the back).  Charlotterusse have free shipping on all orders so I just grabbed a skirt from clearance. And of course my favorite Forever21 had a nice selection of sale items, but with Forever21 I say go more in stores than the web because they never seem to have really good discounts and coupons as the other stores. But I love Forever21 so making a trip to the mall isn’t a hassle for me at all.  Bath and Body Works purchases came because of the coupon, so my mommy and I went in to look around at first but then we found this amazing scent for men and decided to get a couple of lotions and sprays for my brother and daddy.  If you have been in the store lately then you know that they were having a buy three get three free. A step up from their usual deal of buy three get two free. So we took advantage that and grabbed ourselves the free items after shopping for the boys. I also had a coupon for a free item with any ten-dollar purchase, so we ended up having a buy three get four free deal. Nice…Below is my haul and the savings.

Lace baseball jacket in mint (, orig. $29.50, on sale $19.99, paid $6.89)

Bustier shiny black skater dress (, orig. $29.50, on sale $17.99, paid $6.20)

Velour multi-colored, printed cami (, orig. $19.50, on sale $13.99, paid $4.82)

Hardware bow ballet flats (, orig. $16.50, on sale $9.99, paid $3.45)

Cheetah status print tank (, orig. $16.50, on sale $11.99, paid $4.14)

Velvet detail trim chiffon shirt (, orig. $24.50, on sale $17.99, paid $6.20)

Brick colored knee-length dress (, orig. $22.80, paid $10.99)

Knee length skirt in eggplant (, orig. $14.80, paid $6.99)

Floral cotton skater skirt (, orig. $14.99, paid $7.49)

Pink chiffon and midnight pomegranate body lotion (Bath and body works, orig. $11.00 each, free items after purchasing gifts)

Pink chiffon fine mist spray (Bath and body works, orig. $14.00, paid $6.00)


This was a HUGE savings haul that encouraged me to splurge at the same time.  These purchases were all about buying more to save more, which is the key to why shopaholics have more for less. Find that article back in my blog.  This, however is noting compared to what I will be buying in the next two weeks. Look for that haul sometime after the 10th of January. And also look for my videos which will be included on my blog after my new video camera comes in the mail. I’m looking to start posting videos at the end of January.  Helping you save while you splurge, all on your dime with Elle Woods.




Mall vs. Web: When To Use And For What Goods

It’s the holiday seaimagesCAXNAPX9son, the stores are packed, the wait is forever and the lines are long. You have a choice. Round everything up, get in the car, go around the mall and search for deals or stay in, grab you laptop and click and purchase. It seems like a no brainer, having worked in retail for some years, these stores have found ways to get you to use both resources. Black Friday and cyber Monday are perfect business techniques of how they get you back, twice. But these aren’t times to go purchase your favorite goods. You need to know when
and where to shop.

1. After thimagesCA8OVL0Fe New Years: Mall.

When I worked at target, I loved working the days after Christmas and the new year. Why? Because everyone came in with exchanges or returns of their holiday gifts that were perfectly good but could not be put back on the shelf for even that sell price. Where was I on my lunch break or 15…Raiding the returns. The advantage you get in stores is that online purchases can be returned to the stores and then those online
exclusives get put on the shelves for up to 75% off.

2.Weekends: Online.

Because there are many online deals not advertised at their store counterparts. Free shipping plus 20%, take an additional 40% off clearance, the closer to the end of the week, also payday for most of the country, which these places know, the more deals their going to offer. The turn off to online shopping is waiting for your goods after purchase or the stolen identity scams, but these sites have beefed up their security. The weekend is a better chance to receive free shipping and more percentages off your purchase.

3. Special occasions or holidays: Online, again long lines, driving around, angry mobs.

Avoid this as much as possible. Most stores have online websites that allow you to make online purchases. Don’t want to wait for shipping? That’s okay too, most of the stores offer a ship to store so that you can pick up at the store within a day.  This way when you’re looking for something specific you know right away whether they have it or not, its paid for, you pick it up and your back home and relaxing.

4. Everyday occasion: Mall.

An afternoon movie then a round of window shopping or an outing with my friends, I’ve founds some unexpected steals during preseason
sale outings. Just remember those sale items or the clearance racks when you walk into any of the stores. You don’t want to have buyers remorse from buying a full price blouse at the mall when you went to get your moms birthday present. If I can get errands done and find a deal on the side that didn’t break my budget then it was a good trip to the mall.

There are pros and cons to the mall and the web, the best ways to save is to try both. I hope my tips help you save a little, it’s all on your dime with Elle Woods.

My Hair Journey: Starting From The Inside

photo (6)photo (7)There is a lot of patience that comes with growing your hair out.  If your like me then you watched tones of YouTube videos of girls and their hair journeys where it seems like they went from the big chop to waist length hair in a matter of months. The truth is they took us on a two or three-year long journey of a rigorous routine that makes hair care seem like a part-time job.  And let me say…it is.  Not in a bad way, but when we create these hair journeys we are setting goals that require certain standards to be met.  One big standard that I have been fighting temptation on is starting from the inside with my hair.  That means adding a lot of nutrition and food that I would not necessarily pick over my cookies and chips.  I want natural shine and soft tresses, I want to keep my naturally thick hair, not just long hair.  So I have a couple of things that I added to my endless pit of eating that could help my hair grow strong and healthy.

Salads were never appealing to me because they never looked tasty.  You notice the bad stuff always looks like heaven on earth, but a salad can too.  Thanks to my grandfather, who always send me healthy and amazingly delicious foods in my care packages, I gathered ingredients to make one of his everyday salads.

What you will need:

Caesar salad mix (romaine and iceberg lettuce)




Dried Fruit (Craisins are the best)


Blue Cheese

Zesty Italian Dressing

This is a meal in its self.  Soo many essentials needed in our everyday diet, found in one bowl.  The greens for shine, tomatoes for vitamin C to prevent breakage (remember tomatoes are a fruit). Spinach offers many things such as iron and vitamin C and work to help the follicles and circulate the natural oils.  The salmon offers protein and vitamin D for strong hair.  Everything else is added for taste but still offer different nutrients and are healthy options. Well…maybe not the bleu cheese and dressing but they are better alternatives to using ranch which you should avoid.  Try alternating and using chicken instead of salmon and nuts and beans in place of some of the other ingredients. Also add biotin pills, which is found in a lot of the products in this salad, for vitamin B and help against dryness and breakage.  This is NOT a hair growth pill, it is a hair growth support pill, it helps support hair growth, not grow out your hair.  Also be sure to take your multivitamins daily to help with a balanced diet. Stick with it, long healthy hair is in your future.   Videos on my journey and all my shopping ventures coming soon.

Caught Being Fab

profpic23Super models must be jealous of these legs.  The high-waisted black jeans compliment Ayomide’s tall frame and the pop of color from the yellow tube top finishes the look.  The look is similar to a 90s fly girl with a touch of model.  We’ve seen a lot of the classic styles coming back and you rocked, Ayomide, you are fab!! The jeans were from Urbanoutfitters for $58, try loveculture for a similar look at $21.

Shopping With Elle: Bargain Hunting Before the Holidays

An outing with my mommy to see the new Hobbit movie and of course we had to get to the mall early so I could shop around.  Out of the many malls in our area I chose the Horton Plaza Mall, our downtown, tourist attraction mall.  It had been raining all week and was now clear and sunny, so I wanted to go to this outdoor mall.  So now to the good stuff, what I got and how much I saved.  Rushed by my mom, I barely was able to find some goods in the two stores, Forever21 and a new favorite Charming Charlie.  Charming Charlie was a new addition to the mall since I had last been home, and it is an accessory store filled with all types of goodies.  The tables are separated by color, so of course I ran to the purple display.  Purses, jewelry, boots and everything in between, from now on when I have a special outing, I’m buying my outfit then coming to this store for the accessories.  And as a purse addict I was excited to see a wide variety of purses for $39.99 and under…Not bad. So without further ado, here are my bargain finds:

Colorful spider watch ring: Charming Charlie, orig. $17.97, paid, $8.99.

Brown Fringe Purse: Charming Charlie, orig. $39.97, paid, $9.99.

Hot pink, 3 quarter career jacket: Forever21, orig. $27.80, paid $13.99.

Black with gold accent mini dress: Forever21, orig. $17.80, paid $8.99.

Black, taupe and grey skirt: Forever21, orig. $19.80, paid $9.99.

I got every thing at about 50% off the original price.  Had I paid the full price for every thing my total would have been, $123.34 instead of my grand total of 54.35 after tax.  Now this is pretty impressive considering now is the time not to buy.  This time, when its days before Christmas , stores are snatching the sale signs down and trying to make profit from all those last-minute shoppers.  Buy very few now or wait until right after the holidays. Saving is possible anytime of the year, all on your dime with Elle Woods.

The Trendy Pieces to Add to Your Closet This Season

Bold and bright statement necklace. Want a fun and inexpensive statement piece of your own? Find cool pieces that are similar but different in color, wear them together in layers, clipping one higher than the other around the neck and your done!

Pencil Skirts. Flirty whether for the office or in class, the pencil skirt highlights the curves for every shape.  Worn high-waisted with a blouse, it’s the perfect outfit to declaring “I’m here”.  A timeless piece for every fashionistas closet.

Gray Pea Coat.  50 Shades of Grey has the streets talking and InStyle has listened.  InStyle’s fall issue included all the hottest looks in gray from the runway and with the books massive sells, this could be one Grey winter.

Nail prints.  With nail polish strips it’s as easy as stick and peel, now there is no excuse not to have fabulous nail designs in the comfort of your own home.  The creativity with nail designs have gone above and beyond and this season will see some of the coolest yet try your local Target, Walgreen, Walmart or other local drugstore for the Sally Hansen nail strips.  Ladies bring out your claws.

Printed leggings. Retro colors and prints on your legs is one of the hottest tickets to have this season. Bold patterns of all sorts in a combination of colors, make them suitable for all occasions.  Add individuality to your everyday look with a pair of the printed leggings, be careful, these are in high demand and the prices are pretty competitive at your local stores.  Try Love Culture that have trendy pairs.

Centerpiece boots and booties. Its time to bring your footwear to the same amount fierce as the rest of your style. With bold jewelry, classic skirts, edgy nails and sultry pea coats, you really want to bring your A game with your fall shoes.  This season I’ve been searching around and found that there is a nice variety of boots and booties, low, mid, calf, knee-high, thigh-high, high-heeled, flat, and in a variation of colors.  For the best price and variety try

My Hair Journey: To Bra Strap Length and Beyond

hairjourneyI thought it be pretty cool to include my hair journey along with my other ventures. So where to start? I guess in a round about way I did the big chop unknowingly. Junior year in high school I cut off my hair into a bob cut after experiencing some breakage. I wore it straight for a little bit then tried the wash and go and had success with that. I ended up doing wash and gos for a year then decided I wanted to cut it even shorter. So I went in and the lady pleaded with me for about ten minutes asking me if I was sure I wanted to cut it. She told me she could show me how to
take care of my curls. To no avail she ended up taking the scissors to my hair and chopping it off. It wasn’t hard like people always made it out to be. I didn’t cry, or immediately try to find a wig or get a weave done. I felt bold and confident actually. Staying feminine while having two inches of hair on your hair,deserves applauds. I wore it short for years into my college days but was so picky on who I would allow to cut it. You be surprised how a woman will still takes care of her hair even when she has a little bit. My hair cuts were now only occurring when I would go back home from college. They were becoming too infrequent so I decided two summers ago to let it grow out. After getting some length to it I
realized that my relaxers were also becoming too infrequent because I wouldn’t let anyone but my mom relax my hair. So there came my hair journey. I spent time looking into ways to take care of my hair and eventually go natural.  Thank goodness for all those wonderful ladies that share their journeys on Fast forward to now and I haven’t had a relaxer, I’ve cut out all the remaining relaxer that I had off and I’ve found methods that work for my hair. I am more than half way to the length I originally had before I first cut it. I want to share through out these next few years my methods and all the madness that’s comes with a hair journey. Look out for different tutorials and posts on what I use and different styles. Be inspired and create your own hair journey, whether its going natural or growing your hair to a specific length. And of course you’ll still see some saving, on your dime with Elle Woods.

One of a Kind Dates and Good Deals: Do Some Shopping on 12/12/12

We love superstitions and we love making a big hype of days that won’t ever come around again.  The great thing about the hype is the amazing deals we get from some of our favorite stores.  Places like Forever21 offering 12% off your purchase or others offering free shipping with a $12 purchase.  Here is a time to sit at home and pull up your favorite sites.  There will be some stores participating in the deals but the bulk of your savings will be online this go around.  What ever your prefer, if you’re not getting married or scheduling your babies delivery (I know weird but so true, according to the news), then you can snag one of the deals today.  Superstitions and weird dates bring out the savings all on your dime with Elle Woods.

Some stores to check online: (boots $80 and under, extra % off on clearance) (12% off) (12% off) (20% off)

Vacationing: Simple and Fabulous

Winter break is here and I’m headed to the sandy, sunny beaches of San Diego. Now I must say it is pretty lucky to call a prime vacation spot home, it is nice to go home to after long period of times away. So when your headed to your vacation spot there are a couple of things you should remember:

-pack light, you’re going to always want to bring back more than what you came with. Especially if your going during the holiday season, the sales are amazing.

-pack the essentials, when your going from cold to warm weather you should have a light bag. The essentials in this case would be swimsuit and…well, that’s my essential. Everything else would include my makeup, sandals and a few dresses.

-separate everything into two bags, remember your going to bring back stuff so try to throw what little items you have into two bags. Even if they are basically empty, they won’t be on your trip back.

-try to go natural, I packed my makeup but decided to leave my blow dryer and straightener, hey your on vacation, tone down all the prepping you do on a regular day and enjoy a wash and go.

-my fashionistas on all the mailing list, bring your coupons, this is an essential along with my swimsuit. Going on vacation is a splurge but you don’t have to splurge on all the small details. Use for discounts on great eats and activities, then bring your coupons to use on fun spending.

-dodge bringing a ton of shoes, okay so this is hard for me but once I get home to all the malls and outlet centers, I will remember why I didn’t bring that many shoes with me. Leave room for those new pairs.

This is your vacation, try to keep it simple, the opposite of your everyday life. I’m planning fun in the sun, tons of shopping, dinning and movies while relaxing and saving at the same time.  Its all possible on your dime with Elle Woods.



Outfit of the Day: Featured Styles

My outfit should be a little familiar if you read my article on animal prints.  The dark print on the pants and light details of lace on the shirt make for a great outfit for day or night.  As my day outfit I paired the outfit with black and gray flats.  As a night outfit I could throw on some high heel boots, or black pumps and be ready to go.  Try to find ways to change your outfit from day outfitblockto-night or vice versa, through tiny detail changes, so that you do not limit your wardrobe.