Smelling Like A Million Bucks, While Not Breaking Your Budget.

My fly guys, this one is for you…And well for me too.  I have endless deals for the ladies but Jean Paul Gaultier and Armani Code deserve to be worn on men across the world.  The enticing fragrances of a mens cologne can cost a pretty penny.  The holiday season is a big market for both men and women fragrances but don’t pay the department store prices, even if they are offering free gifts with purchases.  My go to site for my favorite scents and gifts for others is  Introduced to me by my boss, they have all the top name brands for amazing prices.  Right now you can get your order for 20% off.  Guys, the big names this season are Armani Code and Jean Paul Gaultier, but don’t forget to add something else for all the savings your going to receive.  Smelling good this holiday season at an affordable price, on your dime with Elle Woods.



ArmaniCode, 2.5oz, $81.19, 20% off, $64.95.

Jean Paul Gaultier, 2.5oz, $49.19, 20% off, $39.35.


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