Vacationing: Simple and Fabulous

Winter break is here and I’m headed to the sandy, sunny beaches of San Diego. Now I must say it is pretty lucky to call a prime vacation spot home, it is nice to go home to after long period of times away. So when your headed to your vacation spot there are a couple of things you should remember:

-pack light, you’re going to always want to bring back more than what you came with. Especially if your going during the holiday season, the sales are amazing.

-pack the essentials, when your going from cold to warm weather you should have a light bag. The essentials in this case would be swimsuit and…well, that’s my essential. Everything else would include my makeup, sandals and a few dresses.

-separate everything into two bags, remember your going to bring back stuff so try to throw what little items you have into two bags. Even if they are basically empty, they won’t be on your trip back.

-try to go natural, I packed my makeup but decided to leave my blow dryer and straightener, hey your on vacation, tone down all the prepping you do on a regular day and enjoy a wash and go.

-my fashionistas on all the mailing list, bring your coupons, this is an essential along with my swimsuit. Going on vacation is a splurge but you don’t have to splurge on all the small details. Use for discounts on great eats and activities, then bring your coupons to use on fun spending.

-dodge bringing a ton of shoes, okay so this is hard for me but once I get home to all the malls and outlet centers, I will remember why I didn’t bring that many shoes with me. Leave room for those new pairs.

This is your vacation, try to keep it simple, the opposite of your everyday life. I’m planning fun in the sun, tons of shopping, dinning and movies while relaxing and saving at the same time.  Its all possible on your dime with Elle Woods.




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