One of a Kind Dates and Good Deals: Do Some Shopping on 12/12/12

We love superstitions and we love making a big hype of days that won’t ever come around again.  The great thing about the hype is the amazing deals we get from some of our favorite stores.  Places like Forever21 offering 12% off your purchase or others offering free shipping with a $12 purchase.  Here is a time to sit at home and pull up your favorite sites.  There will be some stores participating in the deals but the bulk of your savings will be online this go around.  What ever your prefer, if you’re not getting married or scheduling your babies delivery (I know weird but so true, according to the news), then you can snag one of the deals today.  Superstitions and weird dates bring out the savings all on your dime with Elle Woods.

Some stores to check online: (boots $80 and under, extra % off on clearance) (12% off) (12% off) (20% off)


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