My Hair Journey: To Bra Strap Length and Beyond

hairjourneyI thought it be pretty cool to include my hair journey along with my other ventures. So where to start? I guess in a round about way I did the big chop unknowingly. Junior year in high school I cut off my hair into a bob cut after experiencing some breakage. I wore it straight for a little bit then tried the wash and go and had success with that. I ended up doing wash and gos for a year then decided I wanted to cut it even shorter. So I went in and the lady pleaded with me for about ten minutes asking me if I was sure I wanted to cut it. She told me she could show me how to
take care of my curls. To no avail she ended up taking the scissors to my hair and chopping it off. It wasn’t hard like people always made it out to be. I didn’t cry, or immediately try to find a wig or get a weave done. I felt bold and confident actually. Staying feminine while having two inches of hair on your hair,deserves applauds. I wore it short for years into my college days but was so picky on who I would allow to cut it. You be surprised how a woman will still takes care of her hair even when she has a little bit. My hair cuts were now only occurring when I would go back home from college. They were becoming too infrequent so I decided two summers ago to let it grow out. After getting some length to it I
realized that my relaxers were also becoming too infrequent because I wouldn’t let anyone but my mom relax my hair. So there came my hair journey. I spent time looking into ways to take care of my hair and eventually go natural.  Thank goodness for all those wonderful ladies that share their journeys on Fast forward to now and I haven’t had a relaxer, I’ve cut out all the remaining relaxer that I had off and I’ve found methods that work for my hair. I am more than half way to the length I originally had before I first cut it. I want to share through out these next few years my methods and all the madness that’s comes with a hair journey. Look out for different tutorials and posts on what I use and different styles. Be inspired and create your own hair journey, whether its going natural or growing your hair to a specific length. And of course you’ll still see some saving, on your dime with Elle Woods.


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