Shopping With Elle: Bargain Hunting Before the Holidays

An outing with my mommy to see the new Hobbit movie and of course we had to get to the mall early so I could shop around.  Out of the many malls in our area I chose the Horton Plaza Mall, our downtown, tourist attraction mall.  It had been raining all week and was now clear and sunny, so I wanted to go to this outdoor mall.  So now to the good stuff, what I got and how much I saved.  Rushed by my mom, I barely was able to find some goods in the two stores, Forever21 and a new favorite Charming Charlie.  Charming Charlie was a new addition to the mall since I had last been home, and it is an accessory store filled with all types of goodies.  The tables are separated by color, so of course I ran to the purple display.  Purses, jewelry, boots and everything in between, from now on when I have a special outing, I’m buying my outfit then coming to this store for the accessories.  And as a purse addict I was excited to see a wide variety of purses for $39.99 and under…Not bad. So without further ado, here are my bargain finds:

Colorful spider watch ring: Charming Charlie, orig. $17.97, paid, $8.99.

Brown Fringe Purse: Charming Charlie, orig. $39.97, paid, $9.99.

Hot pink, 3 quarter career jacket: Forever21, orig. $27.80, paid $13.99.

Black with gold accent mini dress: Forever21, orig. $17.80, paid $8.99.

Black, taupe and grey skirt: Forever21, orig. $19.80, paid $9.99.

I got every thing at about 50% off the original price.  Had I paid the full price for every thing my total would have been, $123.34 instead of my grand total of 54.35 after tax.  Now this is pretty impressive considering now is the time not to buy.  This time, when its days before Christmas , stores are snatching the sale signs down and trying to make profit from all those last-minute shoppers.  Buy very few now or wait until right after the holidays. Saving is possible anytime of the year, all on your dime with Elle Woods.


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