The Trendy Pieces to Add to Your Closet This Season

Bold and bright statement necklace. Want a fun and inexpensive statement piece of your own? Find cool pieces that are similar but different in color, wear them together in layers, clipping one higher than the other around the neck and your done!

Pencil Skirts. Flirty whether for the office or in class, the pencil skirt highlights the curves for every shape.  Worn high-waisted with a blouse, it’s the perfect outfit to declaring “I’m here”.  A timeless piece for every fashionistas closet.

Gray Pea Coat.  50 Shades of Grey has the streets talking and InStyle has listened.  InStyle’s fall issue included all the hottest looks in gray from the runway and with the books massive sells, this could be one Grey winter.

Nail prints.  With nail polish strips it’s as easy as stick and peel, now there is no excuse not to have fabulous nail designs in the comfort of your own home.  The creativity with nail designs have gone above and beyond and this season will see some of the coolest yet try your local Target, Walgreen, Walmart or other local drugstore for the Sally Hansen nail strips.  Ladies bring out your claws.

Printed leggings. Retro colors and prints on your legs is one of the hottest tickets to have this season. Bold patterns of all sorts in a combination of colors, make them suitable for all occasions.  Add individuality to your everyday look with a pair of the printed leggings, be careful, these are in high demand and the prices are pretty competitive at your local stores.  Try Love Culture that have trendy pairs.

Centerpiece boots and booties. Its time to bring your footwear to the same amount fierce as the rest of your style. With bold jewelry, classic skirts, edgy nails and sultry pea coats, you really want to bring your A game with your fall shoes.  This season I’ve been searching around and found that there is a nice variety of boots and booties, low, mid, calf, knee-high, thigh-high, high-heeled, flat, and in a variation of colors.  For the best price and variety try


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