My Hair Journey: Starting From The Inside

photo (6)photo (7)There is a lot of patience that comes with growing your hair out.  If your like me then you watched tones of YouTube videos of girls and their hair journeys where it seems like they went from the big chop to waist length hair in a matter of months. The truth is they took us on a two or three-year long journey of a rigorous routine that makes hair care seem like a part-time job.  And let me say…it is.  Not in a bad way, but when we create these hair journeys we are setting goals that require certain standards to be met.  One big standard that I have been fighting temptation on is starting from the inside with my hair.  That means adding a lot of nutrition and food that I would not necessarily pick over my cookies and chips.  I want natural shine and soft tresses, I want to keep my naturally thick hair, not just long hair.  So I have a couple of things that I added to my endless pit of eating that could help my hair grow strong and healthy.

Salads were never appealing to me because they never looked tasty.  You notice the bad stuff always looks like heaven on earth, but a salad can too.  Thanks to my grandfather, who always send me healthy and amazingly delicious foods in my care packages, I gathered ingredients to make one of his everyday salads.

What you will need:

Caesar salad mix (romaine and iceberg lettuce)




Dried Fruit (Craisins are the best)


Blue Cheese

Zesty Italian Dressing

This is a meal in its self.  Soo many essentials needed in our everyday diet, found in one bowl.  The greens for shine, tomatoes for vitamin C to prevent breakage (remember tomatoes are a fruit). Spinach offers many things such as iron and vitamin C and work to help the follicles and circulate the natural oils.  The salmon offers protein and vitamin D for strong hair.  Everything else is added for taste but still offer different nutrients and are healthy options. Well…maybe not the bleu cheese and dressing but they are better alternatives to using ranch which you should avoid.  Try alternating and using chicken instead of salmon and nuts and beans in place of some of the other ingredients. Also add biotin pills, which is found in a lot of the products in this salad, for vitamin B and help against dryness and breakage.  This is NOT a hair growth pill, it is a hair growth support pill, it helps support hair growth, not grow out your hair.  Also be sure to take your multivitamins daily to help with a balanced diet. Stick with it, long healthy hair is in your future.   Videos on my journey and all my shopping ventures coming soon.


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