Mall vs. Web: When To Use And For What Goods

It’s the holiday seaimagesCAXNAPX9son, the stores are packed, the wait is forever and the lines are long. You have a choice. Round everything up, get in the car, go around the mall and search for deals or stay in, grab you laptop and click and purchase. It seems like a no brainer, having worked in retail for some years, these stores have found ways to get you to use both resources. Black Friday and cyber Monday are perfect business techniques of how they get you back, twice. But these aren’t times to go purchase your favorite goods. You need to know when
and where to shop.

1. After thimagesCA8OVL0Fe New Years: Mall.

When I worked at target, I loved working the days after Christmas and the new year. Why? Because everyone came in with exchanges or returns of their holiday gifts that were perfectly good but could not be put back on the shelf for even that sell price. Where was I on my lunch break or 15…Raiding the returns. The advantage you get in stores is that online purchases can be returned to the stores and then those online
exclusives get put on the shelves for up to 75% off.

2.Weekends: Online.

Because there are many online deals not advertised at their store counterparts. Free shipping plus 20%, take an additional 40% off clearance, the closer to the end of the week, also payday for most of the country, which these places know, the more deals their going to offer. The turn off to online shopping is waiting for your goods after purchase or the stolen identity scams, but these sites have beefed up their security. The weekend is a better chance to receive free shipping and more percentages off your purchase.

3. Special occasions or holidays: Online, again long lines, driving around, angry mobs.

Avoid this as much as possible. Most stores have online websites that allow you to make online purchases. Don’t want to wait for shipping? That’s okay too, most of the stores offer a ship to store so that you can pick up at the store within a day.  This way when you’re looking for something specific you know right away whether they have it or not, its paid for, you pick it up and your back home and relaxing.

4. Everyday occasion: Mall.

An afternoon movie then a round of window shopping or an outing with my friends, I’ve founds some unexpected steals during preseason
sale outings. Just remember those sale items or the clearance racks when you walk into any of the stores. You don’t want to have buyers remorse from buying a full price blouse at the mall when you went to get your moms birthday present. If I can get errands done and find a deal on the side that didn’t break my budget then it was a good trip to the mall.

There are pros and cons to the mall and the web, the best ways to save is to try both. I hope my tips help you save a little, it’s all on your dime with Elle Woods.


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