Shopping With Elle: Saving and Splurging

Okay so I wasn’t supposed to do anymore shopping until after the New Year….yea right!!! I give myself these limitations knowing it’s not going to happy, but it’s still a nice thought.  So what did I get this time around and where did I go? This time was online at Wetseal, Forever21 and Charlotterusse and in store at Bath and Body Works because I had a coupon that expired the day before christmas.  Sooo, what did I get…The sales that were going on I should have gotten waaay more BUT better sales are coming since we are now the day after Christmas.  So Wetseal had an additional 60% off of clearance making my most expensive item $6.89…Yea amazing right (patting myself on the back).  Charlotterusse have free shipping on all orders so I just grabbed a skirt from clearance. And of course my favorite Forever21 had a nice selection of sale items, but with Forever21 I say go more in stores than the web because they never seem to have really good discounts and coupons as the other stores. But I love Forever21 so making a trip to the mall isn’t a hassle for me at all.  Bath and Body Works purchases came because of the coupon, so my mommy and I went in to look around at first but then we found this amazing scent for men and decided to get a couple of lotions and sprays for my brother and daddy.  If you have been in the store lately then you know that they were having a buy three get three free. A step up from their usual deal of buy three get two free. So we took advantage that and grabbed ourselves the free items after shopping for the boys. I also had a coupon for a free item with any ten-dollar purchase, so we ended up having a buy three get four free deal. Nice…Below is my haul and the savings.

Lace baseball jacket in mint (, orig. $29.50, on sale $19.99, paid $6.89)

Bustier shiny black skater dress (, orig. $29.50, on sale $17.99, paid $6.20)

Velour multi-colored, printed cami (, orig. $19.50, on sale $13.99, paid $4.82)

Hardware bow ballet flats (, orig. $16.50, on sale $9.99, paid $3.45)

Cheetah status print tank (, orig. $16.50, on sale $11.99, paid $4.14)

Velvet detail trim chiffon shirt (, orig. $24.50, on sale $17.99, paid $6.20)

Brick colored knee-length dress (, orig. $22.80, paid $10.99)

Knee length skirt in eggplant (, orig. $14.80, paid $6.99)

Floral cotton skater skirt (, orig. $14.99, paid $7.49)

Pink chiffon and midnight pomegranate body lotion (Bath and body works, orig. $11.00 each, free items after purchasing gifts)

Pink chiffon fine mist spray (Bath and body works, orig. $14.00, paid $6.00)


This was a HUGE savings haul that encouraged me to splurge at the same time.  These purchases were all about buying more to save more, which is the key to why shopaholics have more for less. Find that article back in my blog.  This, however is noting compared to what I will be buying in the next two weeks. Look for that haul sometime after the 10th of January. And also look for my videos which will be included on my blog after my new video camera comes in the mail. I’m looking to start posting videos at the end of January.  Helping you save while you splurge, all on your dime with Elle Woods.




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