My Shany Cosmetics Give-A-Way!!!

I debated and debated and I think this is a fun way to promote my blog and give my fashionistas some cool free stuff. So as the video says, everyone following my blog is automatically entered with 20 entries each and those on my facebook and instagram can enter by following me on facebook or instagram and reposting the pictures and gaining likes to be entered. If interested on my facebook and instagram just like or comment interested, then repost and gain likes on your pages. I will pick a name randomly the old school way, from picking a name out a hat, so your entries and how many you have really matter. I will announce the winner and email them for their information so I can send you your lovely new package!! Entries can be entered from now until February 8th, I will announce the winner at the end of the day. Good Luck!!!


Great Deal For Free: My First Give-A-Way

mystery-giftHi fashionistas, I have searched and searched and I think I have found the perfect first give-a-way. If this goes well I have many more for you to look forward to and I would like to give a way this particular gift more than once. So please stay tuned on here, my facebook and my instagram. Invite your friends to subscribe and if your new to my site, please subscribe as well. (Hint: if you arent already, also add me on facebook or instagram, it will help your chances when the give-a-way starts.) Giving away some of my favorite things, all on MY dime for you from Elle Woods. Good Luck
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Deal Of The Day: Shoe Deals At Shoe Dazzle

dealMy deal of the day comes from Shoe Dazzle. Many stores are having their end of the season sales but shoe dazzle has taken the cake for today for shoe deals. So being a shopaholic I get all the emails from top visited sites. I just had to look at Shoe Dazzle when they said an extra 25% off already marked shoes. After buying three pairs all for under $16, I say ladies..catch this sale while you can. If I was not saving for so many different things, believe me I would have bought more. Boots, wedges, flats, heels, under $25, thats alot of saving, on your dime with Elle Woods. Happy Shopping.

Straightening My Natural Hair: Decreasing the Shrinkage


I’ve kept my hair heat free for two months, mostly during my winter break from school. I wanted to straighten it and really see how my ends were doing. So my process is really simple and I did it a little different this time but I still got great results.
Step 1: Deep conditioning over night. I use different deep conditioners that I love but I mainly use the Brazilian Tech Keratin treatment. This really helps if your hair is really frizzy and coarse. I wash my hair at night then run this through my hair and throw on a shower cap along with a hair wrap and silk bonnet. I put all this on to help hold in heat while I am sleeping so the deep conditioner really penetrates my scalp.

Step 2: The following morning I rinsed the deep conditioner out in the shower then towel dried my hair. I spray a heat protectant all over, this time I used Pink hair glosser. The benefit of keeping a hair glosser around is that most are good heat protectants also.

Step 3: Now usually I section my hair and braid it and then let it air dry before blow drying it. This time I did not, I do not recommend doing this often, but it was the only time I have ever not let my hair air dry first. So to make up for it the blow drying part took extra time because I did very small sections at a time with the comb attachment. My mom actually did this part for me and we fussed the whole time on whos method to use. LOL.

Step 4: Flat-ironing my hair is equally tedious if not more than blow drying. I now have a huge fro of hair on top of my hair that I have to go through in even smaller sections. I take these small sections to ensure that I am keeping as much heat off my hair by only having to run the flat-iron through it once. I section my hair into three sections, two in the front and one in the back. I start from the back, spraying more heat protectant on the sections as I start on them and take small sections and run the flat-iron through.

Doing this method always help reduce the shrinkage due to my curl pattern and the over night deep conditioning makes my hair really manageable and smoothes my roots and edges. Find all the products I use at your local beauty supply store. No relaxer, no problem, shiny smooth hair all possible, on your dime with Elle Woods.

After Christmas Shopping Part 2: Shoes

photo (2) So I might disappoint my shoe lovers, but I had good reason to limit my shoe purchases this go around. Most of my after Christmas shopping did not make it back to school with me :(. I am in my last semester and to make the move easier I decided to leave most of the hauls at my parents house. Even with the few pairs I did buy it was heartbreaking to leave them, but I had to be rational. The space underneath my bed is non-existent, and I told myself that I had to slow down on my shoe purchases until after my move…..Now that doesn’t mean not buying any at all, no way!!! But cutting back a little for now :). So the few that I did get just added to my massive collection. I bought one pair of boots ($14.99), a pair of stilettos ($13.99), a pair of wedges ($14.99) and three pair of flats(moccasins, $10, black, $3.45). The most expensive pair was $15 and those were the fringe boots. Since I was going back to cold weather those were the only pair I allowed myself to bring. The rest, like my cheetah print, with red accent, 6″ heels ($13.99), were the biggest heartbreak to leave. Again, after Christmas and new year’s is the time to shop. If you were in the market for boots then your definitely should have looked in the stores. This time of year it’s far enough into the cold season that people have already bought boots but there is still at least two months of frost. By this time stores are trying to get rid of left over boots to make room for spring collections. You might say you have enough boots, but a shoe lover like me will say, I could use those next season. Having already caught most of the boot sales online, I only grabbed this pair because I had not seen this color in fringe online. There is still time to look around, the farther out you wait the more price cuts you will find BUT the harder it will be to find your size. Season ending deals, on your dime with Elle Woods. Happy Shopping!!
photo (3)

After-Christmas Shopping Part 1: Smell Goods

photo (1)Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret are my favorite go to for lotions and body sprays and much more. So its no surprise that I definitely grabbed a few bags full of their merchandise. Now these hauls that I am going to be posting goes back to my post on why shopaholics have more…We know when to stock up. Ladies now was the time to stock up on things like this. And I know it seems a little excessive but when you build up on it now, you will see the savings. This batch is more than enough to last me the year. I shop like this every time after Christmas at these stores, this is perfect for stocking up on your favorite scents when they are now 75% off and even make gift bags for friends and family. You have to look at the bigger picture. You can either get your Juiced Berry fragance line from Victoria’s Secret, my favorite, at a regular 3 for $25 OR you can get during the semi-annual sale and get 10 bottles for $30. Again if that is a little excessive then your mom, or best friend or sister or anybody would love to help take some of those off your hands. Everything from this picture was $5 and under from both stores. If you ever pay attention to the bottom of your receipts, both of these stores offer $10 off your next purchase of either $30 or $50, when you complete the survey over the phone. I used those coupons during my purchases, so even after all the savings already included, I had an extra $10 dollars to spare. Be sure you complete those surveys and use them, the stores honor them anytime of the year. Coupon clipping and saving, all on your dime with Elle Woods.

Shopaholic vs. Suitcase: How to RE-Pack After a Long Vacation

photo (3)Back to school I go and it is the day of the dreaded packing. But how do I pack all my goodies after a month and two weeks? That is some serious retail therapy that happens during this time span. And with it being after Christmas sales, fashionistas can definitely rack up the bags. So how do you make everything fit? If a lot of you are coming from your home back to a college campus then there are a few thing to remember:
1. Leave all you old stuff behind; I have bought quite a bit and the last thing I want to do is take up room in my bag with old stuff.
2. Bring one set; I am a Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret hoarder, I buy an abundance of my favorites during the semi-annual sales, but I won’t need every single lotion and body spray, so I am only going to bring one of each.
3. Keep ALL liquids bagged; the last thing you want to see when you open your suitcase is ruined clothes and shoes from lotions that spill open or hair oil that leaked…bag it up!!
4. Do not pack heavy going on the trip; when your going on long breaks or vacations, I recommend packing very light…You know your going to go shopping at least once, have room for those goodies.
5. Storage; everything that I am not bringing back from my trip, rather new or old, I am putting away in a large storage bin at my parents house, that way everything will stay neat, clean and protected.
I am still working on my shopping hauls from all the Christmas sales…There is a lot, so I am working on breaking up everything into categories and maybe showing one category a day. Work in progress. Getting all your holiday deals home with you, on your dime with Elle Woods.
photo (2)

Upcoming Review: Olay ProX

photo (1)This past Monday I went out to do some shopping with some of the money given to me for Christmas.  Now one of my secrets is, when I splurge on expensive items it’s usually around this time.  And that is how I got my recent purchase, the Olay Professional ProX Facial Cleansing Brush set.  I have wanted a cleansing brush for a while but looking for a nice one can get a little expensive, they can run up to $200, not including the exfoliating scrub.   Thanks to santa I got the Olay brand set for $29.99 at target.  I have to send a big thanks to my little brother for the target gift card.  This set was really nice because it usually comes in a little box with the brush device and a small tube of the exfoliating scrub, but the holiday pack that I got came with that and a full size bottle which runs for about $17, depending on where you get it.  I also bought an extra tube of the exfoliating scrub in the target brand and that only cost $4.94.  And I will put that in the review on how that works also.  Later this month I will give a one month review on it.  For now I can say that after adding this cleansing method to my night-time routine for the past two days, I love it so far.  There is definitely a clearing in my complexion and it just feels clean.  And the brush feels really nice, not too harsh.  Run to the store and grab this pack if you can, it is almost a $20 saving as compared to buying everything separately and the replacement brushes are $10 for two.  Remember to look for my review on this and other products later, on your dime with Elle Woods.


Shopping With Elle: Friends Finding Fabulous Deals

Happy New Years everyone.  I hope everyone has been out running around in the mall to catch all the real deals going on now.  I sure have.  I have been stacking bags by my suitcase, and dreading to pack.  But in the midst of all my chaotic shopping spree, my friend texted me while she was shopping.  She asked if she could send pictures of the things she was thinking about buying, of course I leaped onto that opportunity.  So we went back and forth texting yes, no, what do you think, how does this look, and finally she sent me a picture of the receipt to show her savings.  Sigh, it brought a tear to my eye that she would let me help her find deals :).  My close friend from school, she has a style all her own, looking fabulous without breaking the bank.

What was in her bag (all items were from Kohls):

Cream with black trim, collared shirt (orig. $42, paid $12.60)

Black stretch jeans (orig. $40, paid $12)

Red stretch pants (orig. $36, paid $8.10)

Cream colored high low top (orig. $24, paid $3.60)

Everything was on sale with an extra reduction, had she paid original price, the total would have been $142. Before the extra reduction she would have paid $47.78. But after the addition reduction and a 20% off at the register she paid $31.22, a saving of $112.96.  Saving big, all on your dime with Elle Woods.