Shopping With Elle: Friends Finding Fabulous Deals

Happy New Years everyone.  I hope everyone has been out running around in the mall to catch all the real deals going on now.  I sure have.  I have been stacking bags by my suitcase, and dreading to pack.  But in the midst of all my chaotic shopping spree, my friend texted me while she was shopping.  She asked if she could send pictures of the things she was thinking about buying, of course I leaped onto that opportunity.  So we went back and forth texting yes, no, what do you think, how does this look, and finally she sent me a picture of the receipt to show her savings.  Sigh, it brought a tear to my eye that she would let me help her find deals :).  My close friend from school, she has a style all her own, looking fabulous without breaking the bank.

What was in her bag (all items were from Kohls):

Cream with black trim, collared shirt (orig. $42, paid $12.60)

Black stretch jeans (orig. $40, paid $12)

Red stretch pants (orig. $36, paid $8.10)

Cream colored high low top (orig. $24, paid $3.60)

Everything was on sale with an extra reduction, had she paid original price, the total would have been $142. Before the extra reduction she would have paid $47.78. But after the addition reduction and a 20% off at the register she paid $31.22, a saving of $112.96.  Saving big, all on your dime with Elle Woods.



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