Upcoming Review: Olay ProX

photo (1)This past Monday I went out to do some shopping with some of the money given to me for Christmas.  Now one of my secrets is, when I splurge on expensive items it’s usually around this time.  And that is how I got my recent purchase, the Olay Professional ProX Facial Cleansing Brush set.  I have wanted a cleansing brush for a while but looking for a nice one can get a little expensive, they can run up to $200, not including the exfoliating scrub.   Thanks to santa I got the Olay brand set for $29.99 at target.  I have to send a big thanks to my little brother for the target gift card.  This set was really nice because it usually comes in a little box with the brush device and a small tube of the exfoliating scrub, but the holiday pack that I got came with that and a full size bottle which runs for about $17, depending on where you get it.  I also bought an extra tube of the exfoliating scrub in the target brand and that only cost $4.94.  And I will put that in the review on how that works also.  Later this month I will give a one month review on it.  For now I can say that after adding this cleansing method to my night-time routine for the past two days, I love it so far.  There is definitely a clearing in my complexion and it just feels clean.  And the brush feels really nice, not too harsh.  Run to the store and grab this pack if you can, it is almost a $20 saving as compared to buying everything separately and the replacement brushes are $10 for two.  Remember to look for my review on this and other products later, on your dime with Elle Woods.



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