Shopaholic vs. Suitcase: How to RE-Pack After a Long Vacation

photo (3)Back to school I go and it is the day of the dreaded packing. But how do I pack all my goodies after a month and two weeks? That is some serious retail therapy that happens during this time span. And with it being after Christmas sales, fashionistas can definitely rack up the bags. So how do you make everything fit? If a lot of you are coming from your home back to a college campus then there are a few thing to remember:
1. Leave all you old stuff behind; I have bought quite a bit and the last thing I want to do is take up room in my bag with old stuff.
2. Bring one set; I am a Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret hoarder, I buy an abundance of my favorites during the semi-annual sales, but I won’t need every single lotion and body spray, so I am only going to bring one of each.
3. Keep ALL liquids bagged; the last thing you want to see when you open your suitcase is ruined clothes and shoes from lotions that spill open or hair oil that leaked…bag it up!!
4. Do not pack heavy going on the trip; when your going on long breaks or vacations, I recommend packing very light…You know your going to go shopping at least once, have room for those goodies.
5. Storage; everything that I am not bringing back from my trip, rather new or old, I am putting away in a large storage bin at my parents house, that way everything will stay neat, clean and protected.
I am still working on my shopping hauls from all the Christmas sales…There is a lot, so I am working on breaking up everything into categories and maybe showing one category a day. Work in progress. Getting all your holiday deals home with you, on your dime with Elle Woods.
photo (2)


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