After-Christmas Shopping Part 1: Smell Goods

photo (1)Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret are my favorite go to for lotions and body sprays and much more. So its no surprise that I definitely grabbed a few bags full of their merchandise. Now these hauls that I am going to be posting goes back to my post on why shopaholics have more…We know when to stock up. Ladies now was the time to stock up on things like this. And I know it seems a little excessive but when you build up on it now, you will see the savings. This batch is more than enough to last me the year. I shop like this every time after Christmas at these stores, this is perfect for stocking up on your favorite scents when they are now 75% off and even make gift bags for friends and family. You have to look at the bigger picture. You can either get your Juiced Berry fragance line from Victoria’s Secret, my favorite, at a regular 3 for $25 OR you can get during the semi-annual sale and get 10 bottles for $30. Again if that is a little excessive then your mom, or best friend or sister or anybody would love to help take some of those off your hands. Everything from this picture was $5 and under from both stores. If you ever pay attention to the bottom of your receipts, both of these stores offer $10 off your next purchase of either $30 or $50, when you complete the survey over the phone. I used those coupons during my purchases, so even after all the savings already included, I had an extra $10 dollars to spare. Be sure you complete those surveys and use them, the stores honor them anytime of the year. Coupon clipping and saving, all on your dime with Elle Woods.


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