After Christmas Shopping Part 2: Shoes

photo (2) So I might disappoint my shoe lovers, but I had good reason to limit my shoe purchases this go around. Most of my after Christmas shopping did not make it back to school with me :(. I am in my last semester and to make the move easier I decided to leave most of the hauls at my parents house. Even with the few pairs I did buy it was heartbreaking to leave them, but I had to be rational. The space underneath my bed is non-existent, and I told myself that I had to slow down on my shoe purchases until after my move…..Now that doesn’t mean not buying any at all, no way!!! But cutting back a little for now :). So the few that I did get just added to my massive collection. I bought one pair of boots ($14.99), a pair of stilettos ($13.99), a pair of wedges ($14.99) and three pair of flats(moccasins, $10, black, $3.45). The most expensive pair was $15 and those were the fringe boots. Since I was going back to cold weather those were the only pair I allowed myself to bring. The rest, like my cheetah print, with red accent, 6″ heels ($13.99), were the biggest heartbreak to leave. Again, after Christmas and new year’s is the time to shop. If you were in the market for boots then your definitely should have looked in the stores. This time of year it’s far enough into the cold season that people have already bought boots but there is still at least two months of frost. By this time stores are trying to get rid of left over boots to make room for spring collections. You might say you have enough boots, but a shoe lover like me will say, I could use those next season. Having already caught most of the boot sales online, I only grabbed this pair because I had not seen this color in fringe online. There is still time to look around, the farther out you wait the more price cuts you will find BUT the harder it will be to find your size. Season ending deals, on your dime with Elle Woods. Happy Shopping!!
photo (3)


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