Straightening My Natural Hair: Decreasing the Shrinkage


I’ve kept my hair heat free for two months, mostly during my winter break from school. I wanted to straighten it and really see how my ends were doing. So my process is really simple and I did it a little different this time but I still got great results.
Step 1: Deep conditioning over night. I use different deep conditioners that I love but I mainly use the Brazilian Tech Keratin treatment. This really helps if your hair is really frizzy and coarse. I wash my hair at night then run this through my hair and throw on a shower cap along with a hair wrap and silk bonnet. I put all this on to help hold in heat while I am sleeping so the deep conditioner really penetrates my scalp.

Step 2: The following morning I rinsed the deep conditioner out in the shower then towel dried my hair. I spray a heat protectant all over, this time I used Pink hair glosser. The benefit of keeping a hair glosser around is that most are good heat protectants also.

Step 3: Now usually I section my hair and braid it and then let it air dry before blow drying it. This time I did not, I do not recommend doing this often, but it was the only time I have ever not let my hair air dry first. So to make up for it the blow drying part took extra time because I did very small sections at a time with the comb attachment. My mom actually did this part for me and we fussed the whole time on whos method to use. LOL.

Step 4: Flat-ironing my hair is equally tedious if not more than blow drying. I now have a huge fro of hair on top of my hair that I have to go through in even smaller sections. I take these small sections to ensure that I am keeping as much heat off my hair by only having to run the flat-iron through it once. I section my hair into three sections, two in the front and one in the back. I start from the back, spraying more heat protectant on the sections as I start on them and take small sections and run the flat-iron through.

Doing this method always help reduce the shrinkage due to my curl pattern and the over night deep conditioning makes my hair really manageable and smoothes my roots and edges. Find all the products I use at your local beauty supply store. No relaxer, no problem, shiny smooth hair all possible, on your dime with Elle Woods.


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