Eyebrow and Simple Make-Up Tutorial

I have been working on different tutorials to show and I thought I would start with my eyebrows, I admit I change my eyebrows a lot so this is just one tutorial, but I think it was appropiate for beginners since it isnt a complete fill in. Enjoy and please subscribe to my youtube page ElleWoodsfablab. Fab school is now in session. :).


Natural Hair: What To Expect When Transitioning WITHOUT Doing The Big Chop

hairOkay so, I must say that I am over joyed at all the young women I have seen transitioning to their natural hair texture. I love it!! But with change comes huge responsibility. I know your trying to figure out what can I do with my hair while its transitioning? Why are my textures different? What can I expect? Have no fear, Elle Woods has been there, done that. I am no expert by any means but I think I might have a couple of pointers for all you ladies to remember while you go through that weird, in-between stage of transitioning.

Tip 1-Be prepared for the two textures! So you decided to grow out your relaxer instead, well get ready for the weird curl pattern at the roots and straight ends. Your slowly growing out your hair and during this time it might be difficult to wear wash and gos, because some people get the straight ends from overly processed hair. If you still want to try the wet looks, start off with braid outs or twist outs with rollers on the ends to help get that same texture all around

Tip 2-Don’t be afraid to cut!! You might not have wanted to do the big chop but do trim your ends. I get a little scissor happy when my ends aren’t up to the standards I want, but doing big trims and wearing wash and gos for about a month, you would never know.

Tip 3- Say goodby to your length….for a little while. Going natural you will never really know what your true length looks like. Sure you see women doing the length check on YouTube, but depending on your natural styles, most of the time you won’t see how long your hair is unless, well you stretch it out. For me even wearing it flat ironed, I don’t see the full length, I lay the front down but the rest is fair game, I never completely straighten my hair bone straight. Neither should you!!

Tip 4-Embrace your fro. Your hairs going to be thicker, fuller and quite unruly BUT that is the joy of natural hair. It is this untamed beautiful mess on top of your head tha breaks all traditions. Dont use gels or pack on produce to reduce your fro, only use produce to moisturize and condition.

Tip 5-Try to go as natural as your hair allows. I have transitioned most of my products to natural alternatives such as coconut oil moisturizing and apple cider vinegar for shampoo alternative. But I understand that some products work for you that are not natural products, such a heat protectants when you are straightening your hair. Play around with products and see what works for you.

Tip 6-Treat it like a part time job. I always have to warn people that my transition was not easy. The amount of care that I put into my hair deserves some type of compensation. If you really want long
healthy hair your going to have to be patient and really take time with it.

Tip 7-Stick in there. The untamed mane, the texture mix up and having a couple of off days, don’t get discouraged, it only gets better.

Rue21 Haul: My Go To Jewelry Store

Season ending $2 and $3 deals

This is when the splurging comes into play.  Jewelry that use to be $6 and up now more than half off, you have to

grab and stock up. Rue21 has been my go to for jewelry. Every time I go to the store they have the one clearance wall with nothing over $3. I can never help myself and always come out with a bag full of new accessories. If you have this store near you I encourage you to go and splurge. Your outfits will thank you.  Enjoy the haul. 🙂

Pinky and the Brain: A Fashionista’s Journey

I could say that I came out wearing Chanel and that my first words were Fendi, but thats not true. I could say that I have had a pretty glamorous life filled with huge closets and a fashionista mother that showed me all the ropes. But, thats not true either.  Truth is, I lived a pretty simple life, and was even considered a tom boy for a large portion of my childhood.  Not by choice but the fashion world costs for expressing yourself.  That and other circumstances in high school led me to work three odd jobs and it still didn’t seem like enough.  I envied the girls who constantly changed their hair and wore the new styles.  I looked in awe at the guys who wore and bragged about the new jordans, the day after they came out.  People wait in line, spend countless amounts of money, and work countless hours all in the name of fashion…But what about style?  My spending reached an all time low when I was choosing between eating and a new pair of shoes.  Thats when I knew I had a problem.  I thought I had to keep up with the latest craze, instead of expressing myself, which cost nothing at all.  Going away to college work hours were fugal and school loads were high, so the money wasnt coming in as much as it use to.  I became better at bargaining.  I started to learn, when to shop.  I started to learn where to look and who offered it for the best.  Eventually my closet became overrun with deals and perks and even free items claimed from building points.  In the middle of this something happened.  I was shopping with a vision.  I was looking for certain material. I wanted a specific design.  As if I could create the outfit myself, I was shopping for myself.  There was a genuine love there, in creating an outfit, in seeing what someone had created and in finding what I could mix together. I hope you find that love through my blog as well, I hope you follow along with me and Pinky, my laptop, as we continue on, through stores, boutiques, and shops, finding trendy and affordable pieces that express individuality.