Pinky and the Brain: A Fashionista’s Journey

I could say that I came out wearing Chanel and that my first words were Fendi, but thats not true. I could say that I have had a pretty glamorous life filled with huge closets and a fashionista mother that showed me all the ropes. But, thats not true either.  Truth is, I lived a pretty simple life, and was even considered a tom boy for a large portion of my childhood.  Not by choice but the fashion world costs for expressing yourself.  That and other circumstances in high school led me to work three odd jobs and it still didn’t seem like enough.  I envied the girls who constantly changed their hair and wore the new styles.  I looked in awe at the guys who wore and bragged about the new jordans, the day after they came out.  People wait in line, spend countless amounts of money, and work countless hours all in the name of fashion…But what about style?  My spending reached an all time low when I was choosing between eating and a new pair of shoes.  Thats when I knew I had a problem.  I thought I had to keep up with the latest craze, instead of expressing myself, which cost nothing at all.  Going away to college work hours were fugal and school loads were high, so the money wasnt coming in as much as it use to.  I became better at bargaining.  I started to learn, when to shop.  I started to learn where to look and who offered it for the best.  Eventually my closet became overrun with deals and perks and even free items claimed from building points.  In the middle of this something happened.  I was shopping with a vision.  I was looking for certain material. I wanted a specific design.  As if I could create the outfit myself, I was shopping for myself.  There was a genuine love there, in creating an outfit, in seeing what someone had created and in finding what I could mix together. I hope you find that love through my blog as well, I hope you follow along with me and Pinky, my laptop, as we continue on, through stores, boutiques, and shops, finding trendy and affordable pieces that express individuality.


5 thoughts on “Pinky and the Brain: A Fashionista’s Journey

  1. I have always said…(I’m sure I got this from Coco Chanel or somewhere…) Fashion comes and goes, but style is forever! Stay stylish beautiful niece of mines! You get it honestly! Ask your mom about our Grandmother…she was the original Fashionista!

    • Thank you auntie, :), I think it was coco Chanel also, I have some pretty awesome women in my family that always makes this blog a joy to do.

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