Spring Break Countdown (20 days): Dusting Off The Swimsuits

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Going to a destination hot spot for spring break. Weeeeelll, its time to dust off those swimsuits. Don’t have any, well its time for you to go shopping. Swim suits are the most expensive prices at the start of the season. Why? The excitement of the season, of course. Women instantly see the swim suits come out and want to start preparing. Believe it or not but tons of stores revenues come at this time of the year when college students are planning spring break. So how can you get a fabulous swimsuit without paying a hefty cost? I can definitely say that my dream swim suit would come from Victoria’s Secret, hands down. Of course when I saw that the bikini top that I wanted was $98 dollars, my hands went up, sigh. But we want to look fabulous, we have eaten right, we have done our squats and we are doing everything in our budget to make our skin look fabulous. We all want a fabulous swim suit to match. Where did this take me…one of my favorites sites for shoes. I used Amiclubwear.com numerous times to buy my heels and boots, so when I went on their I never thought that I would end up with my spring break swim suit. The colors, the patterns, that lace, the jewels, they had any and everything for what ever you were looking for. I was in heaven. I ended up with a cheetah print suit with embellished top. So amazing and with an additional 40% off, it didn’t take long for me to hit purchase. My suit came to $26 and to have exactly what I wanted it was worth every penny. Dont be afraid to pull out all your old suits also, mix and match tops and bottoms, or wear a different one every day your vacationing, the possibilities are endless. This site always has a coupon available at checkout and when your on next vacation rock it to the fullest. Fabulous and affordable all on your dime with Elle Woods. Happy shopping.


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