The Doomed Finances: Paying For Unworn Pieces

doomed financesSo what are doomed finances? Well, look in your closet and count up the items with tags on it and the total price you spent on everything. Those are your doomed finances. The money sitting in your closet, under your bed and in your dressers collecting dust and never going in your pocket. Come on admit it, you have a few things in your closet that you didn’t forget about, but couldn’t quite work out. I am guilty of this…more than once. So how do you avoid spending money on your unworn pieces? Well that is hard to say, we try newest fashion, we want the latest trends but we can’t predict what will work with our style. In the game of fashion, we win some and we lose some. What one girl pulls off, I my not wear so well, and vice versa. I wear a lot of things that compliment my long legs, if your shorter, then you might not have the same results. The big thing here is style, we all have individual styles and it is because we found something that works and we are confident in that style. If you are shopping for others, but puttig it in your own closet, you will find that you accumulate a lot of doomed finances. I found that reselling those items with yard sales, or one of the stores that buy likely worn clothes can bring some of those $ back in your pocket. Don’t be ashamed of it, we want to take risk and go outside our normal routine, but sometimes…its better to be safe with funds, than sorry with a lighter pocket-book.


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