Million Dollar Lips At An $8 Price

So there are all these amazing colors that I have been trying out from the MAC brand and other companies similar to that, but the problem is that trying out these products can get costly. I need the products to try out more than just at the beauty bar with the look I have that day. I must have the color at home to try with different looks and play around with my makeup. So I searched by local drugstore and turned to my favorite affordable makeup. NYC brand has a lot of similar colors to the ones I have been trying out. So this video is to show how to try out the colors with everyday looks or even more dramatic looks and have at home without paying a hefty price for it. Lip liner, lipstick, and lip stain all for under $8, affordable looks all on your dime with Elle Woods. Enjoy.


A Week Of Outfits: Friday’s Outfit

photo (12)
This was hands down my favorite outfit of the week. The colors, the high-waisted pants and the warmest day of the week just made for the best combination. I think I am so much better at dressing for hot weather or cold weather. I hate those in between days when you might have to start with a jacket and it warms up but not enough to take off the jacket. We get a lot of that weather here in Colorado so when it was actually going to be warm enough for the jacket to come off I was excited to put this outfit together. Of course my poor little toes were freezing that morning but when it warmed up, it made it worth it.
High Waisted Teal Jeans, Charlotterusse, Paid Either $12 or $15
Cropped White Top, Wetseal, Orig. $8.99, Paid $3.49
Blush Blazer, M’s, Orig. $36.99, Paid $12

A Week of Outifts: Thursday’s Outfit

photo (10)
I mentioned before that the weather is so ridiculous out here in Colorado that my outfits ranged drastically. So by Thursday the weather went from 48 degrees to 75. I decided to enjoy the weather and show some skin. I had these really fun floral pants that I picked up from Arden B over Christmas break. I couldn’t wait to wear them and now three months later i had the chance lol. My only change for next time is that I don’t think I will wear much color with them. I chose orange to bring out the two toned flowers but I think next time I am only going to wear white and only a color on the sandal.

Floral Print Jeans, Arden B, Orig. $36.99, Paid $7
Floral Print Flats, Mervins, Orig. $19.99, Paid $10
Orange Blazer, Charlotterusse, Orig. $28.99, Paid $16.99
Orange Crop Top, Ross, Orig. $12.99, Paid $4.98

A Week Of Outfits: Tuesday’s Outfit

photo (9)
Im posting my outfits from last week, and what you will realize is that this weather in Colorado is so crazy. You will see me go from boots to flats to sandals all in on week. I did not take a photo for each day…I know I know, Im sorry, my schedule can get pretty hectic and I trying to get better at taking my outfit of the day pictures. So this was Tuesday outfit and it was supposed to snow or rain, depending on which weather station you decided to look at, either way it was chilly and I ended up with this nice combination of colors and fabrics, and my boots that I hadn’t worn for a few seasons now, but are very much in season.

Boots,, Orig. $30.00, Paid $19.99
Blue Jean Vest, Rainbow, Orig. $26.99, Paid $15
Maroon Jeans,, Orig. $25.00, Paid $12.99
Cropped Sweater,, Orig. $18.99, Paid $7.99