A Week Of Outfits: Tuesday’s Outfit

photo (9)
Im posting my outfits from last week, and what you will realize is that this weather in Colorado is so crazy. You will see me go from boots to flats to sandals all in on week. I did not take a photo for each day…I know I know, Im sorry, my schedule can get pretty hectic and I trying to get better at taking my outfit of the day pictures. So this was Tuesday outfit and it was supposed to snow or rain, depending on which weather station you decided to look at, either way it was chilly and I ended up with this nice combination of colors and fabrics, and my boots that I hadn’t worn for a few seasons now, but are very much in season.

Boots, Shiekshoes.com, Orig. $30.00, Paid $19.99
Blue Jean Vest, Rainbow, Orig. $26.99, Paid $15
Maroon Jeans, Wetseal.com, Orig. $25.00, Paid $12.99
Cropped Sweater, Wetseal.com, Orig. $18.99, Paid $7.99


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