A Week of Outifts: Thursday’s Outfit

photo (10)
I mentioned before that the weather is so ridiculous out here in Colorado that my outfits ranged drastically. So by Thursday the weather went from 48 degrees to 75. I decided to enjoy the weather and show some skin. I had these really fun floral pants that I picked up from Arden B over Christmas break. I couldn’t wait to wear them and now three months later i had the chance lol. My only change for next time is that I don’t think I will wear much color with them. I chose orange to bring out the two toned flowers but I think next time I am only going to wear white and only a color on the sandal.

Floral Print Jeans, Arden B, Orig. $36.99, Paid $7
Floral Print Flats, Mervins, Orig. $19.99, Paid $10
Orange Blazer, Charlotterusse, Orig. $28.99, Paid $16.99
Orange Crop Top, Ross, Orig. $12.99, Paid $4.98


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