The Joys Of Hand Me Down Stores

shoppingBeing back in San Diego now, my shopping options are back to its full capacity! And some of my favorite places to shop are what I like to call the “hand me down” stores, these are the stores that aren’t large chain stores but they aren’t boutiques either. These stores buy from some of the more known stores such as Forever21 and Charlotterusse, and the joy of it is that you are getting brand new merchandise for thrift store prices. You will see the tags of the other stores hole punched but you can clearly still see where they came from. My favorite here is M’s store, they carry a lot of Forever21 and boutique items. Of course it was on the way to Target, where I originally was supposed to go, BUT, since they put the huge sign with everything under 9.99, I couldn’t help but go in. THe great thing with these hand me down stores is that they are up to date with the trends and insanely affordable. I always set a limit to how much I will pay for an item and it is mostly because of stores like this. If I see the long skirts with splits and short slip underneath, anywhere else for more than $10 then I won’t buy it and I will go back to this store. You don’t have to pay a hefty price for the trends, brand new hand me downs all on your dime with Elle Woods.

*Everything from M’s store*
Black maxi skirt-9.99
High rise black pants-9.99
Green high-rise shorts-6.99
Sailor white and red dress-8.99
Tribal prints scarves-3.99 each

*Everything from Ross*
Orange and gray maxi dress-8.99
Patterned green and black dress-10.99


Aquatic Mermaid Eyes Tutorial

Mermaid Eyes

Here is a quick look I came up with. I am very beginner with my eye shadow application but I am trying to branch out and do more fun things. I want to try to do simple tutorials that people can copy and do successfully. So far the bathroom of course has the best lighting but I am working on a better set up. This aquatic look can be achieved with other bright colors and even try some colored rhinestone. Using a simple really unorthodox technique to achieve a look, use methods that work for you, I try to use inexpensive products such as e.l.f cosmetics with mixes of some pricey products such as smashbox that provide a great base to balance the drug store products.Please Excuse my eyebrows. Just have fun with it…Happy dolling up with Elle Woods. Enjoy!