The Season Of The Crop Top: Bridging the Sexy Gap

photo 3 (1)So it’s very clear that this is the season to show some skin. The sexy mid drift baring crop tops are all the rave and then some. All the colors and patterns, I have to admit, I now have crop top fever…or more correctly, I am addicted to buying crop tops. The biggest thing about them is the versatility that they provide. For a day out shopping and grabbing a bite, I love a crop top with a long, high-rise skirt, this gives just a small gap showing minimum skin for a more elegant look. Now for my night life I would definitely widen the gap and choose pants and heels. This is summer and the season to vacay to all these destination hot spots making these crop tops even more appealing to pull off those summer looks. There are many stores selling these season hits but definitely watch out for the hiked up prices, one of my favorite stores to go to for a more affordable price is Wetseal. But with every store definitely check in mid-season for those sales when they slash the prices down. Baring it all in the middle, on your dime with Elle Woods.


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