Confessions Of A Shopaholic: Shoes To Blame?

20130715-110432.jpgI recently moved back to California after graduating in Colorado. During this whole process I kind of realized something…I AM A SHOE HOARDER!!! I tried to think how I let it get this bad and how did I fit all those in my room? The last time I counted I was at 76 pairs, I counted over two years ago and those were the just pairs in the boxes. In this time I’ve definitely improved on my excuses for buying and buying. I used to say “they were only this much”, or, “I got them on sale!” Now I say “I need sensible shoes for work”, “These are my birthday shoes”. Well, I think it’s a step up from my past excuses. But I have to admit that it has consumed me…quite a bit. Some people are surrounded by electronics, some people are surrounded by books, I am surrounded by shoes. You’d be surprised how excellent my math is because of my years of working with percentages off while going through sales and I always calculate big purchases based on how many pairs of shoes I can get for it. Yes I admit everything I see is referable to shoes. I admit this to you because we all have an addiction, some worse than others but given the chance to have a millions dollars, there’s something you would love to blow it on. Now my obsession doesn’t go by having the newest craze or the most expensive brand name, that is when I think people are doing it for superficial reasons, bragging rights. What I do it for is the expression…growing up an introvert I have since learned to say “hello in Elle, I’m vibrant and intriguing”, without ever having to say a word. I’ve never played sports, was never the confident one to stand in the middle of the crowd. What my love for shoes has done has created a center point of many conversations that’s led sometimes to long friendships. So many designs and patterns, colors, seasons, styles, sling backs, boots, peep toe, and much more. You truly can never have enough. If you too are a shoe addict, others will never understand, some people have hobbies, I have shoes. But what I hope you get from this is that it is not all superficial for some as it might be for most. Something you really love is always hard to put in words. And I might never be the most extroverted person in the crowd but what i lack in words i make up for in shoes. Making Carrie Bradshaw proud, I am Elle Woods and I’m a shopaholic, confessing my sin to you all on your dime. Happy shopping my fellow addicts. 🙂


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