Outfit Of The Day: Breaking Rules In White

whiteblazerSo this is a late outfit of the day but I’m breaking rules all over the place so why not. So the legend is you can’t wear white after labor day, but where did it come from? There are tons of myths and allegations to explain this one fashion don’t but I say break the rules and wear it all year round. Now I have to admit I had the white blazer for a while and was scared to wear it because I might ruin it some way or the other. Fortunately for me whenever I go shopping I can picture my closet and when I found the blue blouse the other day I knew I had something for the blazer.

White Blazer: Forever21, paid $25.00
Blue Blouse: Q store, paid $9.99
Black Pants: Forever21, paid $8.80
Black Over-the-Knee Boots: Shoedazzle, Orig. $34.99, paid $9.99


Floor Length Fabulous: Maxi Skirt Craze

It has been sometime but I am back and the fashion world has been so kind to me!! Maxi skirts are on the seasons hit list and long legs everywhere are happy. The versatility of maxi skirts make them appealing for all seasons. Get festive and dance the night away with a side slit maxi and crop top or just be comfortable with a basic maxi and tank top. Now the cropped look with bare mid drift is extremely popular now but you don’t want to limit your options with only crops to go with your maxis. Doing this will limit your creativity and not to mention the bare mid drift isn’t appropriate in most everyday situations. What message are you trying to send? The maxi brings elegance and balance to these extreme outfits. A little goes a long way in this case, when you show mid drift your still leave much to the imagination with your covered legs. OR when you cover up completely and top it off with a long slit in your maxi, you bring that sexy edge that will win you a second glance. My go to places for maxi skirts have been Wetseal and Charlotterusse, they have managed to put together my two essentials that I look for when I shop…stylish and affordable.
Now these maxis are ideal for taller girls because it compliments their long legs. If your shorter wearing these maxis can be a little overbearing and not flatter your height. But you can still rock the look while minding a couple of key points;
Don’t buy one that drags on you, find one that just barely touches your feet;
If your shorter you don’t want to wear it right at your waist, you want to give the illusion to your shape by wearing it closer to your belly button to give the tall look effect;
Opt out on the slit in this situation, less leg means less slit.
Endless patterns, colors and styles make these fun and flirty pieces transition from summer into fall. Try an olive or burnt orange maxi with a jean jacket and booties for a cool fall look. The more coverage the better, all on your dime with Elle Woods.