Back To The Basics: When New Products Go Wrong

makeupIts pretty hard to stick to one product when there are a million others that scream at us to try them. The promises of clear skin, silky long hair, fuller lips, longer lashes, smaller waist, and bigger, ehh….you get the idea. Even when we know perfection can’t be reached we still strive to grab it. But at the expense of our skin, hair and overall appearance, there’s just too much at risk. I reflected this overall year and realized I tried countless face creams, conditioners and foundations. I also realized I’ve had lots of pimples and split ends. Lol, I know what your thinking, easily preventable but I’m a sucker for great finds. It’s going to be hard to resist new things when we don’t have the patience for slow results. We want everything to be immediate.

So what do we do? Do we stay with the same old products or do we continue on the search for perfection. Okay, maybe not that dramatic but basically do we go on trying new products? I say a little of both. With my face having a really bad break out, I went shopping and found myself grabbing the old face wash that I had used for years before I had switched at the beginning of the year. The same with my foundation, I tried to find something more cost friendly but truth is, sometimes you get what you pay for. Now with your hair its going to be a little different. I had the best experience stirring up my own conditioners in my kitchen, I tried to jump on a couple of bandwagons with some products but my free products from my kitchen did the trick.

There are still a wide range for new products that we can take advantage of. There’s no harm in trying the endless lotions or mascaras and other products. But if you are suffering from some post new product gone wrong syndrome, just know that it gets better. We can be our own worse enemies but at the end of the day, or month or two…however long it takes, your hair will grow back so don’t be afraid to cut the damage from some bad decisions off your ends. Your skin will clear up but throwing on the extra make up will only slow the process, so go natural as much as possible. And for everything else we just need to be patient. My skin isn’t completely back to normal but its better and my hair has grown back and now I want a short hair cut ha ha. Take control of what you can and for everything else you have to roll with the punches. When your new products don’t work, sometimes you just have to go back to the basics and start over again.


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