Grouponing and No More Racks 101

If you have yet to discover the internet world of Groupons and No More Racks, then you are truly missing out on, well everything. Both sites offer everything from clothing to packaged food and from furniture to electronics. We love stores like this for being the one-stop shop on the internet. The big BUT in the room of course is that there is bad and good with everything that seems perfect. And as perfect as and sound there are a few things to remember:

Limited Quantity: This goes for both. They have some awesome deals but if you don’t catch it in time then that is it. You have to wait for it to cycle back on the website or that might be the only time you see it on the site at all. You also find items here that you didn’t find anywhere else, with them having a large variety of items there are several things that may no longer be sold in stores that these sites will pick up. With some electronics and other items we know that they can be found everywhere but in most cases these sites have good deals pop up and when they do, and it sounds too good to be true, then grab it before its gone.

Shipping and Fees: I love that ships any and everything for under $3. Yes! UNDER $3, and if you sign up then every other day you get an email that gives you a window of three hours of free shipping. You can put as much as you want in the cart and have it ship for free. That’s a pretty good deal. is also pretty competitive with their shipping but the con to these sites is that as you add more items each item ships at the rate individually. For example, has phone cases for your phone. They come in different colors and designs and you want more than one. The issue you’ll face is that each phone case is going to be on individual orders. Meaning you could pay more in shipping and on tax (each order also has tax), so low quantity is the best route for these sites.

The One-Stop Shop: offers vouchers for restaurants, spas, photography, hotel stays, and concerts; basically whatever is going on in your city. It has partners with many different businesses and uses your location to search them out. When you use the tab “Nearby” you will see those options and find out really quickly that you can save on a lot of day-to-day activities. That special night out at the local sushi place can be half off of what you usually pay. That vacation to Las Vegas can be less stressful to save up for or if you want a staycation you can always search up your local spa and treat yourself to a mani and pedi for under $40. The next time you go out, check and see if there is a deal for that activity and compare it to the price you would have paid there without it.

You can take these as all cons or just the best kept secret since chocolate but I am giving you the warning label that these sites have been known to turn even the sanest people into shopaholics. Different deals are added daily and unlike any of the many other sites similar to these two; I actually find good deals. Okay so maybe I would prefer a few things such as the shipping to change but nothings perfect. They have a few kinks in the road like everything else, but nine times out of ten when you ask me where I got my tablet, camera, small furniture, photo canvas, magazines, watches, vacuum, and so much more, I am going to tell you or Finding you everything, including the kitchen sink all on your dime with Elle Woods.


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