Shoe Feign: Aztec Scrappy Heels


I’ve come up with an amazing challenge for myself not only will this give you a look into my shoe hoarded tendencies but it will also help me ensure that I am wearing all the shoes I have. I’m going to post frequently a different pair of shoes that I own. Yes shoe lovers I’m going to feed your addiction, hopefully in can remember how much they all costs and where I got them so I can give you an idea of my limit that I will pay and how I acquired so many.

So why not kick it off with the very shoes I wore today to work. Paired with black pants and a mustard over-sized sweater I took advantage of dressy down Fridays while still sticking pretty close to my business casual attire at work. These scrappy beauties came from wet seal straight off the clearance rack from a few years ago. You can date them from the bulky heel but the bulky heel also makes them extremely comfortable. The platform in the front eases the amount of arch in my foot giving me free range to walk around all day as if I was in flats. I believe I paid around $8, for these making them affordable, trendy and most of all comfortable. Wet seal has some of the best deals but short supply, check recently on their website for crazy clearance deals.


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