Hair Care 101: Quick FIx For A Dry Scalp

hairNo matter the hair type we can all have problems wit our scalp. Some people have a sensitive scalp that limits what they can put on it, others have dry scalp that requires a lot of moisturizing… Then there is my hair. I think mine is a little bit in the middle. One of the problems I encountered was build up that caused a lot of flaking from my scalp. I also get scabs if I use products with high chemical base, hence the reason why I use a lot of natural products. So how do I get around the build up and flakes? You have to create a treatment plan based on the symptoms, just as you would for cold.

First, you have to identify what area you are trying to treat. You can create a treatment for the scalp or the ends. You might need something for thinning hair, frizzy hair, short hair, long hair and the list goes on. So remember to try to zone in on the issue.

The next step is simple, treat the problem. For split ends you know a good trim would minimize the breakage, while for a dry scalp you need to clear the flakes and moisturize. This was my issue, I had a lot of build up that came from daily oils and creams that I use.

So to treat it literally over night, what I did was went searching for clarifying shampoo, this is a little more harsh as it clears out everything and you don’t want to use it every time you wash your hair. I mostly co-wash during the month, and do one good clarifying wash at the end of the month. I didn’t originally do this routine, which is where all the flaking came from but I found a happy medium. So after I use the clarifying shampoo, which is great and inexpensive that I found at Wal-Mart, I do a quick rinse with one of my simple conditioners just to restore a little moisture. Then to treat my full strands, after pulling out all the natural oils that shampoo strips away, I use a deep conditioner. My favorite has been the Dr. Miracle’s “feel it’ formula, deep conditioner. Its like a massage in a packet and to intensify it I sit under the hair dryer. This time around I put in the Dr. Miracles and covered it with a shower cap right before bed. This always makes my hair feel super soft and manageable.

After these two steps you should see a clear scalp with little to no flaking, and since the cause of my flaking was the build up I opted for a spray oil instead of a heavy moisturizer. The spray oil doesn’t weigh my hair down and keeps the soft effect from the conditioner while not feeling oily while I flat iron my hair. When ever you see flaking it could be due to build up or dry scalp, if that is the case then definitely use a clarifying shampoo to strip everything away followed by a deep conditioner to moisturize.

*Remember that it is not healthy, for any hair type, to wash your hair everyday and try not to use the clarifying shampoo during every wash, try to alternate it with another shampoo or try co washing.


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