Shoe Feign: Caught In A Net Of Heaven


There are always three things I try to look for when buying my shoes; comfort, affordability and wow factor. You give me that and I am one happy shoe addict. It’s repetitive in all my shoe posts but hey that’s what I want. Now these shoes are ones that have that look where you are not quite sure if you would buy them if you saw them in the store. Me being the bargain hunter that I am, I found these lovelies on for $15. I was willing to take a risk for that price. Not only do they offer comfort but they are super stylish on your feet. This nude color is perfect for my skin tone and the netted front make them unique and ultramodern. Nude is definitely the go to shoe color for spring and summer. It is perfect for bright colors and adds pop to dark colors. I paired these with dark pink crop pants and a blush pink button up. I kept it profession for work while adding a little piece of netted, nude heaven. Keeping your shoe fetish fed, all on your dime with Elle Woods.


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