The (Real) Bargain Shopping 101: $100 Dollar Challenge


What better way to kick off the countdown to my birthday this month than to do a fun challenge with a bigger budget than I normally do. Typically I like to do a challenge every pay day and it’s usually a limit of $20 or $30 for shoes…buuut with this being my birthday month and also having some upcoming trips, I decided to increase my budget. I always have fun with these budget challenges because they are very cost friendly for a lot of people. My challenge is very reasonable for the full time student to the working girl. Don’t you hate when talk shows try to do their segments on deal shopping and show you one outfit for $100 or sometimes more than that. This is why I do my challenges. Yes it enables my addiction and gives me less room in my closet but the deals I find can’t be beat!

So, where did I go for my $100 birthday/ vacation trip wardrobe challenge? My store of choice for this challenge was Charlotterusse; its trendy, has the latest fashion crazes and is one of the more affordable stores I frequent. I did my shopping from the comfort of my desk at work, on my phone….During my break, in case you were judging me. The benefit of shopping online versus the store is getting all the inventory scattered from store to store, on one site. All the sale items right in the palm of my hand. And with this being a $100 challenge I immediately went to the sale section to start my hunt. One thing that really helps me find deals is to not look for anything specific. If you have an outfit in mind or a certain color shoe or bag that you are searching for, than you are twice as likely to pay more for it than you would for just a pair of heels you came across while scrolling through the clearance section.

Back to my hunt, again, not looking for anything in particular, I start in the shoe category (its only right). Scrolling through I end up picking out four pairs total, for different purposes. One pair I stumble upon is definitely my vacation or birthday heels. Six inches, platform in the front and a gold strap lacing over the top of my foot like a snake, these were the big winners. I have no idea what outfit I will pair with them but I have plenty of time for more challenges to figure that out. It was love at first sight with these red stilettos, but I still had about $90 more dollars to spend.

Three more pairs of shoes, three dresses and one sexy jumpsuit later, and I was ready to check out. I got free shipping for spending over $65, I spent 87.46, and thanks to California being the wonderfully expensive state that it is (lol) my tax was 7 whole dollars…That was about a dollar more than one of the pair of shoes I got. At the end I like to go through my cart one last time; check sizes check quantities (I have purchased duplicates many of times); have buyer’s remorse for about 2 seconds and finally click confirm purchase. You aren’t a shopaholic until you jump for joy over the notification on your phone saying your package is on the way.

Of course I have the photos of everything purchased as well as a ton of challenges coming. Keep in mind this challenge is more of a splurge for the different events I have coming up, so if you need more costs friendly challenges, I have those on the way. My grand total after taxes was $94.46, leaving me with enough to go get a venti Frappuccino with a couple of extra add-ons. Keeping you affordably chic, all on your dime with Elle Woods. Happy shopping.


OutFit Of The Day: The $40 Bombshell

P1030031The joy that is the peplum top.  It is the fashionista’s dream.  Whether you are plus size or petite, the peplum is just that perfect top for the illusion of the hour glass figure.  I got this leopard print peplum on my last trip to Ross.  I grabbed a few peplum tops that day and at Ross they were for an amazing price.  This top was $10.99 full price and all the other tops were around this same price…no clearance rack needed.     The shoes are from Charlotterusse, online, and they have this classic Marilyn Monroe days feel, but you are seeing this style everywhere now.  These shoes are elegant and edgy with the double strap and the gold plate across the toes for only $14.99.  For my bottoms I wore black pants from a local store here in San Diego called “M’s” store; everything in the store is $10.  I added a dark green blazer to make it nine to five appropriate and if needed, I could have ditched the blazer and had happy hour down town.  Add a little tax for the purchase effect and that makes for a $40 bombshell…who said you have to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks.  Creating bombshells at any budget, all on your dime with Elle Woods.