OutFit Of The Day: The $40 Bombshell

P1030031The joy that is the peplum top.  It is the fashionista’s dream.  Whether you are plus size or petite, the peplum is just that perfect top for the illusion of the hour glass figure.  I got this leopard print peplum on my last trip to Ross.  I grabbed a few peplum tops that day and at Ross they were for an amazing price.  This top was $10.99 full price and all the other tops were around this same price…no clearance rack needed.     The shoes are from Charlotterusse, online, and they have this classic Marilyn Monroe days feel, but you are seeing this style everywhere now.  These shoes are elegant and edgy with the double strap and the gold plate across the toes for only $14.99.  For my bottoms I wore black pants from a local store here in San Diego called “M’s” store; everything in the store is $10.  I added a dark green blazer to make it nine to five appropriate and if needed, I could have ditched the blazer and had happy hour down town.  Add a little tax for the purchase effect and that makes for a $40 bombshell…who said you have to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks.  Creating bombshells at any budget, all on your dime with Elle Woods.





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