Fashionista Headquarters: DIY Walk In Closet

20140613_175129_resizedThe big reveal of my new headquarters is coming soon, as I  slowly wrap up on all the little jobs that still need to be done. One of the main things I wanted was an open space for a changing room. I always wanted a walk in closet that looked like a small store with all of my clothes, shoes, jewelry and products on display. I wanted to have this space where I can pick out my outfit and put on my makeup with ease. In my previous space I had all this clutter with shoe boxes taking up every little nook and my vanity was used for everything except my makeup brushes and eye shadows. Now as I am unpacking and organizing everything, I am falling in love. This closet space is an add on to the closet space I had and I am taking the closet doors off so that everything flows. Now my actual closet won’t be as organized as the shelving unit I installed but I have curtains for that. This shelving unit is from Walmart, the cost was $90 and it was worth every penny. It was very easy to assemble with just some minor frustration when my dad and I were making sure everything was leveled. (My dad works construction and is a perfectionist with these DIY projects) This shelving unit is great because it can stretch from 4 feet to 8 feet and you can arrange the shelves and rods into numerous combinations. I stretched it to 7 feet and used all three shelves and both rods to maximize storage. You can see from the picture that this unit came in handy. There is more to come before the big reveal, so stay tuned for more updates. Building your dream space all on your dime with Elle Woods.


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