Elle’s Diary: The Misadventures of a Single Fashionista

Dating: Webster’s dictionary defines as “the series of social engagements shared by a couple looking to get married”…..


Fashionista’s definition of dating: Finding someone we like more than shoes.


I recently admitted to myself that my love life consists totally of shoes, and in this case I have tons of lovers.  I had to look at my group of friends and reflect on where we all are at this point in our lives. Scheduling an appointment for a bridesmaid dress fitting for one of my best friends wedding this upcoming March made me realize that I am far from walking down the aisle in a big white dress than anyone I know.  It has been a little over a month now that I have been totally single….trust me,  it is too complicated to get into, lets just (sighs) yeah just leave it at that…And you start to reflect, I’m still a girl, who is emotional, so I do reflect as much as I’d rather not, but there is a lot of added stress when a fashionista like me breaks up with someone.  All of my girlfriends who are in serious relationships now I remember them all going through a break up either with an old high school sweet heart or with the person they are with again and their break up process went a little different than mine.


I remember one of my close friends meeting up with the guy she broke up with and being so cordial and positive, and he had done some pretty bad things. She got her closure and she stayed in touch with him and later got into a new relationship that she is still currently in.  I, on the other hand, with my recent break up with on a shopping spree with all the money I would otherwise use when him and I would plan all these things to do together….you don’t realize how expensive a relationship is until its over.


I didn’t reflect and I didn’t linger on the fact. It doesn’t mean I didn’t care it just meant I had other things to do…like shop and work more so I can shop more.    Now my other girlfriend who is very similar to me and is a great fashion designer, I noticed had very similar experience in a break up she had a few months ago.  She was very nonchalant about it and just splurged.  Again, we aren’t these vain, emotionless robots with no feelings, but I do think, at least for myself it is a little different of a process we go through.


For myself, I have always loved fashion and having fun with everything in it.  I work all the time to support my habit.  I think it has been harder for me to be n a serious relationship because I have this standard that can be a little intimidating for outsiders looking in.  I’ve been called high maintenance by my guy friends, and I admit they had some merit behind it lol.  But I like getting pampered and I am used to paying for it so I can see how in a relationship, where guys don’t care for these expenses, it could be annoying.


So where does this leave me? Just as single as a missing earring.  I don’t know how many can relate to this but I am enjoying these days now while I have the whole closet to myself.  Sooner or later we all will find that person that we are willing to limit the amount of shoes we can buy, for me I’m okay with it being later than soon.  Getting rid of some of the baggage from my closet, on your dime with Elle Woods.



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