Drug Stores, Pocket Book Change and Name-Brand Worthy Skin

Don’t you just love the fact that we are willing to pay so much more for something when they slap a name on the front of it (or all over most of the time)? Of course spending some extra bucks for certain commodities have its advantages. Purses, shoes, and jewelry are all examples of paying more for better quality comes into place. But we don’t need name brand and name brand prices for every little thing we purchase, I mean there’s tons of money spent on advertising that tells us we do but that’s to be determined. Now I go absolutely gaga over deals and markdowns on brands like L’Oreal and Garnier but most of the time even those mark downs are still pricey. For my everyday run to I like grabbing the store brand versions of face creams and other goodies. Try tasting the coco puffs brand cereal then go back to the store and grab the store brand bag of coco roos…..taste the difference? Neither did I…no actually the bagged cereal was a little better. This has been my experience with some of the store brand face treatments I have been trying out. Instead of paying about $5 (or sometimes up to $10) more for the fancy packaging of the highly advertised brands in Target, Walmart or CVS, I simply look a little to my right or one shelf down (they tend to put the store brand after the name brand) and grab the store brand product.

Products I have been using lately are a CVS brand BB Correcting Cream, and Target brand day cream, night cream, roll on eye correcting pen and a firming and dark under eye correcting cream. I go off and on these kicks with cutting out foundation and concealer from my makeup routine every so often when my skin gets bad break outs but lately my kick has been longer than usual. I slowly stopped using my foundation, and let me tell you it was difficult. If you wear full coverage on the regular then you understand how it is when you are used to creating a specific look that foundation helps you create. I know that us girls that like the full coverage get a lot of slack for it but I love my makeup. BUT I have been having a lot of free time now that it doesn’t take me as long to get ready in the morning.

So, how have these store brands worked out for me? It has been over a month now that I have been using the day/night cream and eye firming combo, I started using the combo while I was still wearing full coverage. First thing I noticed was the clearing under my eyes, I get dark circles from working waayyy too much and it took some heavy concealer to cover them. I started switching from my full coverage to the BB cream a month a two days ago (yes I am that accurate lol) and that’s when I started seeing the major differences. The night cream was really good at keeping my face moisturized and I noticed a more refreshed look on my bare skin in the morning when I used it as opposed to the tired look when I didn’t. I used the BB cream for two weeks then eventually just started wearing some face powder and bronzer for work every day. Wearing the BB cream as opposed to the foundation helped my breakouts clear up and I saw a lot of my dark spots even out with my skin tone. I remember buying this $30 BB cream from Macy’s and it ended up being an overpriced tinted moisturizer with absolutely no benefit to my skin at all. Oh and did I forget to mention all the extra pairs of shoes I was able to buy from money I saved?

There are of course draw backs to everything and the draw back for my regime was the CVS BB Cream. It goes on very thick, so use minimal and try applying it with a moist beauty sponge as I did. Also, it comes in the different hues and I got the deep hue but it can look like you went overboard with flour on your face. I used my MAC powder in my N7 color on top of it to bring back my natural tone and some deeper bronzer around the edges of my face, it didn’t take much so don’t worry about having to use a lot of coverage. Eventually , as I had mentioned, I was able to stop using it all together and now the heaviest makeup I wear is on my eyes (I still wear my liquid eyeliner and mascara)….this probably won’t change as I love my centerpiece eyes and I have separation issues from my makeup.

If you follow along with my blog then you know my face cleansing regime, I use the clean and clear morning burst day wash and the black head eraser scrub at night. I do a mud mask or face peel about every other week and I do the pore strips once a month. Before my night routine I use make up remover wipes and face toner sometimes when I see breakouts. I think the biggest contribution to the changes with my skin was the transition from full coverage to almost bare skin. We already have a lot of natural element stressors so it’s nice to give your skin a break from time to time and save money while you’re at it. Next time you head out to grab some skin care products don’t hesitate to try out the money saving store brand. Giving you name brand healthy skin, with great savings all on your dime with Elle Woods. Happy Shopping :).


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