Back to My Roots: The RE-Natural Journey

Well the time has come….again, for my natural hair journey. I now have all around a length that I can grab with my flat iron and that is my point when I am able to go natural. I wait til this particular point because I wear my hair straightened more than in its natural state when it’s shorter. I think I’m a little opposite from everyone else because I think most people that I have seen on their journey wear it straight when it’s longer.  I also don’t do the big chop as they say, my method is a little different because I cut off the majority of my hair then get a relaxer and wear it until it grows to a certain length then transition out. But any who it has been a little over two months since my last relaxer so I think I am more than dedicated to this cause and am already going through natural remorse. I am a little more determined this time to go further with my length so I will keep everything documented on here and to better get that support to not cut it off. I have the tendency to go scissor crazy when I don’t know what to do with my hair anymore so hopefully this journey will be different….dun dun dunnnnnn! I have plenty of the products I need already since this cut was just as drastic and unexpected as the last one. (And because I am a hoarder and never throw stuff away) So I am really excited to start making my homemade conditioners and moisturizers again and just having fun with my hair again. I am even looking forward to the ups and downs that come along with it because it gave me a challenge and really helped me to get to know my hair and what it took to be healthy. I hope you follow along as I go through the struggles and joys, long hours and tired arms, broken combs and useless brushes, and of course the smiles and tears that go hand in hand with my hair journey. All on MY time and dime with Elle Woods. Happy. Healthy. Hair.

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