New Year’s Resolve-lutions: Starting Over With Old Plans

Okay it is that time of year…or the end of it anyways, millions of people do it and you probably will too. The time of the New Year’s Resolutions; where we promise to get a gym membership; strive to be a better person; travel somewhere exotic and so on and so forth. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of this…UNLESS, you plan on letting it dwindle down from going to the gym everyday, to once a week, then nothing at all. It happens to the best of us, while the smarts ones like myself sit and watch you go through it with a donut and large fountain drink in our hands. (Don’t judge me). So I propose something different. Instead of fighting and pushing through with new plans, why don’t we resolve the ones we left behind. I can’t tell you how many times I said that I was going to travel back to Chicago and see my family, or how many deadlines I missed to pay off that credit card…That ever growing, annoying but oh-so-convenient credit card. Don’t think about adding new promises if you still have a few to keep. If you are wondering about what you can do, or haven’t done that you were supposed to do for that matter, here are a couple of my Resolve-lutions that I want to complete:

Paying off the debt that’s in my control: Again, that annoying and just always lingering credit card, never fails to get an added amount right when I am so close to paying it off. This time around I want to pay it off and keep it off unless some major emergency was to occur (Like maybe that much-needed plane ticket to see my family in Chicago). Now I did want to emphasize on the fact that I said within my control because as you know we rack up a lot of debt living the American Dream. My car loan and my student loans are just out of my control, I am going to have those for long-term regardless in different times frames. Short term pay offs would be those credit cards and small personal loans if you have them. And don’t worry fashionista’s I can definitely give you pointers for budgeting and still finding time to shop.

Travel locally, then internationally: Just because you can’t get your finances together for that dream vacation to Paris does not mean you should sell yourself short. There are plenty of places I want to visit here in the U.S. while I get myself together for major trips. Try to travel with groups of friends or family members to cut the costs and help spare your budget for more spending money. While Paris may have to wait that doesn’t mean New Orleans or Miami are out of reach.

Finish that project: I don’t care if it was something around the house, a new business plan, an arts and craft project, or what. But finish what you started is the motto that we are going into 2015 with. I told myself that I would re-vamp my page and my YouTube channel all throughout 2014 and I barely kept up with my page, and did nothing for my YouTube page. This new year I will resolve my fear of failure and just go for it. I will also finish what seems like the never-ending expansion of clutter-proofing my room. This project has been an episode of girl vs. closet and so far the closet is winning.

Make amends with someone: This is going to be a tough one for a lot of people, even myself. It is so easy to write off people in our daily lives that we feel don’t add anything to it. But if there is an ongoing feud with someone that’s family or an ex-best friend that you can’t seem to let go of, then it might be time to fix it. Not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever but there may be some unfinished business with some people. For me I plan on forgiving a few particular people who broke my heart and expressing my faults to those I did wrong.

Do something big for yourself: For me it will probably go back to paying off my credit card or even paying up my phone bill or car note. Whatever it is do something completely selfish this time around just because you deserve it! I think my first step is going to be adding a little bit more to my saving this year, that way I can use that extra that was put aside to save up for a trip or to pay off my debt faster. Either way it will benefit me and be something I do for myself to help with future endeavors. For you, who knows, it may be stepping back in the gym, or setting aside a fund for a venture you want to do. There is nothing wrong with investing in yourself.

I know I have sometimes failed miserably with New Year’s Resolutions in the past, and some had very little substance or benefits for me. This time around I am going to work on old promises instead of adding a list of new ones that might wait until the next year…or the year after that. It doesn’t hurt to dust off those old pledges you had, this time work on seeing them all the way through before you decide on making new ones. Who knows, it may open up doors or make those for 2016 that much easier to do.

Happy New Years!
-Love Elle.


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