What to Wear Where: Office Edition Pumps


Lets talk about a few of my favorite things…Shoes!! This is all about building your wardrobe for that office friendly look.  My transition from part timing at a uniformed-issued sweat shop to a full-time business attire office had been a little challenging I must say. When you have a uniform you don’t ever think about what you have to pair together and most importantly what shoes will match. You just throw on and go.  I remember I even had my go to accessories because we were only allowed to wear a certain size. Now you would think being a fashionista I would love to finally get to show my style, and I do but you have to be very careful. Those short skirts and high-high heels they portrayed on The Devil Wears Prada and Sex In The City aren’t going to fly in our real world office.

I think it’s best to start this series with heels because, well, I freaking love them! And I think this is where you will have the most freedom with your outfit. Take for example these green and black pair I featured for the article cover. I wore an all black top and all black pants that stopped right at the ankles and threw on these heels to bring life to the outfit. I stayed very conservative while showing some fun with my heels. Have fun with your heels but be kind to your feet. Six-inched pumps that you are breaking in all day at the office are not going to be as fun as they were when you tried them on at the store. These pumps I’m wearing today are 4.5 inch and this can still be pushing it for some people but I personally cannot do the kitten heels in every style. And yes your feet will not be the most attractive if you are constantly breaking in new heels. I will be the first to admit that. (Hey have you seen some of these celebrities feet, mine are way more attractive than theirs)

If you ever have any doubt on which style to pair with your pencil skirt and blazer, I say go with a nice pair of pumps over any other style. Comfortable, classic, and one of the most common styles to find in any budget range.

**Chartreuse colored pumps; Clique; Shoedazzle.com; $20.00**


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