Inventory Chaos, What’s Your Number?


Have you ever gone through your shoes and fell in love all over again? I definitely have. I most recently started my spring cleaning which will include cataloging all of my shoes. I started the other day while at home sick by going through all the shoes under my bed and take snapshots of them on my Ipad. I am a little too attached to my shoes and found this to be more of a fun photo shoot rather than a chore…Go figure. Now since I don’t have an amazing walk-in closet (yet) this method I am using is to have some ease from shuffling through shoes on a day to day basis. What I am doing is taking snapshots of the shoes on top of the boxes with a clear reading of the name. I get a lot of shoes from so this helps a lot to know the name and since I sometimes get the same shoes in different colors this also helps when the colors in the fashion world can get complicated. The bad thing about getting your shoes from a common place is that all the boxes look the same so I really rely on the name of the shoe and what it looks like. Not only can I easily scroll through my Ipad to pick out the shoes but I now know exactly what they are stored in and where to find them. I have the photos grouped by where they are in my room; so I know that my first grouping of pictures are for the shoes under my bed, the next grouping is going to be the shoes on my shoe rack and the last grouping is going to be the shoes in my closet. This is extremely helpful if you are a pack rat with not enough places to store your shoes. If you have a lot of shoes this is the perfect time to get your spring cleaning out of the way and take inventory of your merchandise. I still have tons more to do but eventually I will be able to tell the world, and myself especially, how many pairs of shoes I have.  Just under my bed and recent purchases I am currently at 75 (Please don’t judge me)…But tell me, what’s your number?